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July 31, 2017


Recently I tweeted about this problem I have and many of you seem to relate: I can't stop buying books, but I have no time to read them.  It's really disappointing actually that I feel like I don't have much time during my day to simply sit down and read a book.  I have time to watch TV shows because I am also usually doing a multitude of other things on my phone or computer, which has allowed me to almost master the art of multi-tasking. But that's what is so magical about dedicating all of your attention to a book. You allow yourself to get completely lost in what you're reading.

Like I said, I have been purchasing a lot of books as of late that I have yet to crack open. Later this week I will be making the trip up to Martha's Vineyard for a few days and I am so excited to take that time to get through a few of these books!

Anyone want to read along with me?

I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes | "A former intelligence agent who wrote a book on forensic pathology becomes involved in a case where someone uses his book to commit untraceable murders.  Because of his ealier career, he also gets involve din another case involving a threat to the population of the U.S.." - Wikipedia

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD by Colson Whitehead | "Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia.  Life is hellish for all the slaves but especially bad for Cora; an outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is coming into womanhood - where even greater pain awaits.  When Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her about the underground Railroad, they decide to take a terrifying risk and escape.  Matters do not go as planned and, though they manage to find a station and head north, they are being hunted." - Goodreads 

SEASON OF STORMS by Susanna Kearsley | "In 1921, infamous Italian poet Galeazzo D'Ascanio wrote his last and greatest play inspired by his muse and mistress, actress Celia Sands.  On the eve of opening night, Celia vanished, and the play was never performed.  Now, two generations later, Alessandro D'Ascanio plans to stage his grandfather's masterpiece and has offered the lead to a promising young English actress, also named Celia Sands-at the whim of her actress mother, or so she always thought." - Amazon

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White Out

July 18, 2017

How long did it take me before I ruined this all white outfit? Not long at all until I managed to spill something on it.  Just my luck! I love wearing all white, but there is always a huge risk when you're a little clumsier than you'd like to admit.  

I love that this top allows my scarf to become a big statement. I love wearing this one from Hermes that I found on The Real Real, and of course love the colors. Unfortunately, this Zara top is sold out in white, but I linked it in a blue stripe if you're interested in the style.

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July Wishlist

July 17, 2017

All of these things make me smile because they're all so bright and happy.  I love this season because everything I wear is fun and bright colored.  Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fall.  But there's nothing like summer to get to wear the most fun items in your wardrobe. 

On my current wishlist is this perfume that I got a sample of a few months back.  It's one of the only perfumes I have ever really loved.  I'm very sensitive to smell and actually am allergic to a lot of perfumes, but not this one! I love it so much and want to purchase the full size, but it's way more than I normally would ever want to spend on a perfume.  Would it be worth it? 

I wish I had a great occasion to wear this one shoulder floral dress. It's just so perfect. 

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Friday Fives 7/14

July 14, 2017

a little weekend motivation via

Happy weekend everyone! The weather in New York today kind of sucks, but I'm so excited it's Friday! This week has been majorly productive because I got a post up everyday! In fact, I had six posts go live in the past 5 days! That hasn't happened since.. I don't even know when the last time that happened was to be honest. 

1. There's a new online grocery store where everything's $3.  It's all "brand-less" which is honestly so up the stereotypical millennial alley, and I love it. I'm definitely curious to see how this checks out.

2. I pretty much only want to wear this outfit from now on; it's so comfortable! Did you catch it on the blog this week? 

3. Game of Thrones season 7 starts this week, but I just started season 1! I know... I'm a little late on the GOT train but it's pretty good so far! Do any of y'all watch? 

4. I may be crazy, but I bought this during Amazon Prime day... it was on sale! It just looks so comfy and perfect for sunbathing on the beach. 

5. I can't wait to get this top in the mail, I ordered it in red and think it would look so cute with white jeans! I'm sure y'all will see it on the blog soon. 

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Off the Shoulder Blues

July 13, 2017

So a little bit of story time about this dress, it runs huge! I didn't read the reviews on the Nordstrom website before ordering (people recommended ordering a size down!) so when I tried on the original size I ordered I was swimming in the dress. I brought it to the Nordstrom near me to get it in a size down, but when that arrived it was still too big.  Eventually after ordering it two sizes down, I felt like I found a size that fit a little bitter.  I honestly still feel like the dress is a little big, but I was not about to order a third size of this dress. 

Moral of that story? If you order this dress, I'd recommend ordering not one, but two sizes down. It rungs so big. 

I'm a sucker for off the shoulder, so naturally when I saw this dress online I fell in love.  At the time it came in so many different colors (now there's only 2 left!).  What drew me to this particular off the shoulder dress is the slight ruffle around the top.  It's different from other off the shoulder styles I have.  

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July Playlist 2017

July 12, 2017

I'm so excited it's a new month because that means I get to share a new playlist!! I always look forward to these posts each month.  These songs have been getting through my commute to work, which is about three hours each day.  It sucks, but it's definitely better than paying an arm and a leg for a tiny apartment in the city this summer.  Plus, it's nice to get to spend every night playing with my puppy Ellie!

This month's playlist post is super special though because my brother is actually a DJ! (What, who knew?) He's has a really good song in a competition right now and I told him I'd include it in this post in case any of you wanted to help him out by voting! It takes a few seconds to create an account so that you're able to vote, but I know he'd really appreciate it! If you like his song, check out more by him as Kiingdom on Sound Cloud!

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Happy Amazon Prime Day!

July 11, 2017

Happy Amazon Prime Day! There are so many fun deals hidden within the Amazon website today! I have been itching to get this post up all day and finally had a chance to share my favorite items on sale when I got home from work! With clothing, shoes, and accessories, everything is 30% off at checkout. Hurry, because the sale ends at 3AM tonight!!

It's easy to find great deals on some great tech, (especially the Alexa) but the clothes and accessories are harder to find. I can't believe how many of these things are on sale.  The 30% off at checkout makes for some great deals!

For some reason, I wasn't able to add the widget directly to this post, but if you click HERE you can shop all of my Amazon Prime Day picks! 
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Yellow Gingham Set

If you haven't already heard, Zara is having a huge sale. It's coming to its end, but a few weeks ago after work I stopped in one of the stores to have a look around.  I really prefer and enjoy shopping online.  I have a much better time envisioning what things will look like on me if I see it online than just on a hanger.  Shopping online is so much less chaotic and more organized.  Zara during this sale is the epitome of what I hate about in person shopping.  The store is a mess and the lines to check out and try on are long, but for great deals it can be worth it!

When I found this skirt and top set in the store, I really wasn't sure if I would like it on me or not.  Gingham is obviously a pattern I love to wear, but I don't normally wear midi skirts or crop tops, so the style is definitely a little outside of my comfort zone.  I'm so happy I got this set (for less than $30!) because it's actually very comfortable and I'm excited that I can even wear the top and skirt separately matched with other things in my closet. 

I love that with this skirt you can really show off the shoes your wearing.  These wedges from Tory Burch a few years ago aren't anything too special, but it would be fun to wear this skirt with shoes that make more of a statement!

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NYC Summer Restaurant Hit List

July 10, 2017

New York is known for plentiful, delicious restaurants. To be honest, I rarely hit a restaurant more than once just because there are so many out there. If I do go back, it's because it was truly outstanding.  This isn't a post about those favorites though, the restaurants in this post have all caught my eye while browsing through websites or hearing about them through friends (but if you're interested in a post about my true favorites, let me know!). If you're ever looking for somewhere to eat in the city, I'd definitely recommend checking out The Infatuation or Eater NYC, these two website have great intel on what's good in the city.

at La Pecora Bianca, one of my new faves that I will definitely head back to

My latest obsession though is an app called Seated.  The app functions a lot like Open Table, but every time you make a reservation you get a $15 gift card of your choosing (gift card options only include Amazon, Starbucks or Uber).  I don't understand how it works (or how this company even makes money) but I can say I've made $60 from using it just the past two weeks. I'd recommend checking it out if you plan on eating out at all in New York (or any of  the other 5 cities the app has landed in). Occasionally they'll do promotions with an extra $5 reward and last week my friend got $20 for his reservation and his meal was only $21!

I haven't been to any of the restaurants below just yet, but I'm definitely excited to try them out.  If you get to any before I do, let me know how they turn out! 

Humble Fish | One of my favorite restaurants in Dallas is a super cute Poké joint called Pōk.  I've been craving the dish since I came back to the city and heard Humble Fish is a great option! 

Made Nice | If you follow the NYC food scene, you may know that Made Nice is from the team over at Eleven Madison Park, one of the finest restaurants in the city.  The fast-casual restaurant has food that's just as delicious as Eleven Madison Park at a way nicer price tag (around $11 per person for lunch). 

Her name is Han | This restaurant serves up Korean homestyle dishes that are apparently as delicious as the namesake is cute. Have I mentioned that I have fallen in love with Korean food recently? I can't get enough and I can't wait to try out this spot. 

Hanjan | Another Korean spot on my list that's just a few blocks from the office that I'm working in.  While they both serve up Korean fare, this spot seems to have a totally different vibe than the last one I mentioned, so I'll definitely be checking out both! 

Daily Provisions | From Danny Meyer, the chef who brought us Shake Shack, comes this delicious lunch spot.  This article talks about what to get and what to avoid.  

Le Cou Cou | Le Cou Cou serves up delicious french dishes that I am dying to try.  I've walked past the space a few times and it seems pretty big, which can be nice in a city that's cluttered with tiny restaurants. 

Sugarfish | This sushi restaurant, originally from LA, looks incredible and the take out boxes look just too cute!

Pietro Nolita | If you don't recognize this Italian place by name, you may recognize the milennial pink color scheme from pictures on social media.

La Sirena | One of my friends had a birthday celebration here last summer and I unfortunately couldn't make it, but I've been looking to try it ever since! The outdoor seating makes it a priority on my list!

The NoMad | Last summer for my internship I had to research the NoMad area and came upon many reviews of The NoMad (specifically how delicious the burger is!)

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Friday Five 7/7

July 7, 2017

Although this was a short week, it felt incredibly long. I was pretty disoriented all week because I just couldn't remember what day it was! I actually woke up on Thursday disappointed that it was only Tuesday... anyone else?

I'm very excited for another summer weekend so that I can get some time outside! I don't have many plans this weekend, which I'm so looking forward to!

1. Kesha's new song though... I'm completely blown away!

2. Mollie rebranded her blog last week (formerly A Stylish Side Project) and I love it! Mollie is so sweet and I've been loving her posts recently! Especially this one, with apps all bloggers should download!

3. I've been really into Twitter lately! Anyone else still on it?

4. I'm heading to Washington D.C. in two weeks! The last time I was in D.C. was on the 8th grade school trip, wait scratch that, I was definitely in D.C. briefly looking at colleges about five years ago! Nevertheless, this is the first time I'll be back and can officially play tourist, any recommendations? I'm talking restaurants, things to do, museums, etc! Let me know your favorite things to do in the area!

5. Can we talk about J.Crew's new arrivals for a second? I mentioned earlier this week how much I've enjoyed the old favorite recently and I've been loving their new stuff just as much.  I love this ruffle trim top and I'm so excited to see all of their bathing suits (I wear this top all the time!) are 40% off with the code DIVEIN

Enjoy the weekend!

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Patriotic Clambake

July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday, I had the idea to have a clambake with my family for dinner.  I had never made clams before yesterday and was shocked how easy it was.  Considering this whole meal was put together in about thirty minutes with just one pot, it may be one of the easiest recipes I've ever made. If you're wondering, this is the recipe I used!

Keeping things casual, I wore this amazing J.Crew linen shirt that I have been loving.  I wore it tucked into black ripped jeans for work last week, but loved it with this look too.  It's so comfortable and I like that it's slightly oversized.  I of course also had to bring out my favorite J.Crew earrings! These are surprisingly light considering how much detail is involved, and while they are no longer available in red anymore they have two adorable colors still!

Speaking of J.Crew, they have so amazing things on sale right now!! I used to love stopping into J.Crew whenever I was at the mall because I knew they would always have something I'd like, but over the past few years I have found myself in the store less and less.  I've been following along with the all of the drama of J.Crew doing pretty poorly in sales (especially compared to Madewell) and how they have pledged to lower prices while making other positive changes.  I think I've already seen those changes come about and I'm really loving it! What about y'all, how do you feel about J.Crew's new arrivals?

I hope everyone has a great holiday!


Busy Bee

July 3, 2017

I tend to always keep myself busy.  I easily get bored, so in order to avoid that I like to make sure I'm always working on something.  I'm usually pretty good at balancing everything but recently I've felt very worn down creatively.

I've been spending most of my time this summer working at my internship in the city, which I absolutely love.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing company where I have been learning so much about advertising, an industry that I am really inspired by.  Most of my free time outside of that has been spent planning things for my sorority next semester, which of course is very fun, but very time consuming when I only have a few hours at night to work on it.

This has not left a lot of time for me to focus on my blog, which ultimately makes me a little sad.  I've spent the past few weekends feeling guilty as I sit by the pool or just simply watch TV because I know I could be working on a post but just didn't want to or felt like I had the energy to.

Even when I have put aside time to write blog posts or shoot outfits these past few weeks, I've felt like I haven't felt proud of the end result and sometimes kept those posts as drafts instead of publishing them.  It made me think that when I started this blog I didn't care what I was blogging about, I was just blogging about whatever I wanted.  I think I've started putting too much pressure on looking perfect on here through my pictures and the content I'm coming up with, but does that even really matter in the long run? Obviously I'm not a perfect person, no one is.  So why am I striving towards this unachievable goal on here?

Tonight, I tweeted about how I was feeling and was comforted to see that many of you who blog feel similar about being uninspired or unmotivated.  It was even more comforting to see though that so many of you love the content I post on here.  It's so easy to forget that there's actually someone reading what I'm writing on this platform, but it's nice to hear positive feedback from you guys.

I'm not entirely sure where this post is going, but I felt like I needed to get it out there. There are some seriously exciting things coming to the blog soon that I can't wait to tell you all about, so bare with me as I try to get back on track with things on here.  I loved that there was once I time where I was posting five days a week and while I don't know if I'll ever get back to that, I do still love doing this and do want to post as much as I can! I hope you will enjoy the content I'll be putting out in the future as I start to post about whatever may be on my mind that week.

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