April 27, 2017

April Playlist

This playlist is a little different than the playlists I've posted in previous months.  After finishing Netflix's Girlboss, and getting a dream internship offer (!!!), I was feeling very motivated and needed a playlist to match my excitement.  All of the songs in this playlist either are very pro-girlpower or just put me in a good mood and hopefully they will for you too!

I've found recently that the best way to get myself in a good mood is to blast one of these songs in my car while I'm driving.  Seriously try it, it's the best feeling ever! I'd love to know what your favorite songs are that make you feel absolutely unstoppable, leave them in the comments below!

April 21, 2017

Friday Five

Happy Friday!! This week has been so busy because my Relay for Life event is today! I'm the director of communications for SMU's Relay and we are so excited to finally be having our big event today! We are so close to reaching the $100,000 mark in our fundraising! Fingers crossed that we can make it to our goal of $170,000! All of the money we raise goes directly to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research and help those who have been affected with cancer.

1. I've had a lot of press recently, all within SMU publications but still pretty cool! I was interviewed for SMU's Fashion Broadcast about fashion photography, SMU's Blog about my experience studying Digital Advertising while having a blog, and I was featured in SMU's second issue of SMU Look Magazine! It's exciting to get to share my blog with the SMU community!

2. Last weekend I got to meet my new puppy (pictured above)!!!! Ellie, our new mini goldendoodle, is the cutest thing ever!! She has an instagram, of course, because she is a #millennial dog. (haha, kidding, but she does have an instagram.) She is so well behaved for only being 12 weeks old. I was surprised she was able to ring the bells hanging on the door to signal she has to go to the bathroom just about every time and she was able to figure out her new treat puzzle in just a few seconds!

3. I can't even tell you guys how much I want to take a ride on a FlyNyon helicopter in NYC! Check out their instagram and try to tell me that isn't the greatest way to see the city!

4. I'm wearing this dress to my sorority's formal tomorrow! It's definitely a bold color and the ruffles are pretty unique but I absolutely love it!

5. I loved Samantha, from Preptista's post about her 4 year blog anniversary! She included a super cute video to mark the milestone on her blog! I always get a little disappointed when other bloggers celebrate their blog anniversary because I don't exactly know when Dash of Serendipity started.  I began on Tumblr (so many years ago! honestly, maybe seven years ago!).  But, my first post on this website was on March 8, 2013! So, should that be my blog's birthday?

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

April 19, 2017

Off the Shoulder Stripes

Top / Jeans / Sunglasses / Shoes (Old via French Connection) / Earrings

When I went home this past weekend for Easter I was so excited to take a bunch of photos for the blog.  I brought home a lot of different outfit combinations so that I would have content to post throughout the rest of the year, but sadly I realized after I got home that I left my camera back in my apartment at school! I was so sad, but luckily my brother had a camera at home that took nice photos so I at least could get some photos!

April 13, 2017

Now Trending: Gingham

Lately I've been seeing gingham everywhere.  Which makes the inner (preppy) me very happy.  I love buying gingham pieces because for the most part, they're timeless.  You can almost guarantee that anytime you walk into J.Crew, you'll find something in a gingham pattern, but sometimes it's hard to find it anywhere else. 

This spring, gingham is popping up in just about every store.  Zara has an incredible selection of gingham pieces and so does Shopbop.  If you do any shopping at Shopbop through the 14th, make sure to use the code EVENT17 so that you save 20%. They are having a great sale on all of their merchandise! 

April 4, 2017

Graduation Announcements with Minted

Boho Graduation Announcement  

This post may be a little premature, seeing as I will not be graduating until next year, but when Minted offered to send me some of their new graduation announcements, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  I absolutely love all of the graduation announcements that Minted has come out with and thought these were perfect, even if I have to wait a year to use them.

I've collected some of my favorite graduation announcements from Minted's website for those of you graduating soon! They have a great selection of announcements (and invitations too) for any price point.  Also, these came really fast so if you're looking for something in a little bit of a hurry, I'm sure Minted could get it to you in time.

April 3, 2017

Celebrating Stripes

Last week on #nationalstripesday (March 31st!), I wore this amazing off the shoulder striped long sleeve top from J.Crew.  I was honestly surprised when I took this top out of the box because of the material. I was expecting a thinner cotton, but this is very thick, which I think makes it more flattering.

If you're following along on Instagram, you will have already heard how much I love these red earrings. They are also from J.Crew and come at a great price ($65!).  You can find statement earrings that easily run above $300, and even though these are gorgeously intricate, they are well below $100.  Plus, J.Crew seems to always be having a sale, so I would definitely recommend waiting for one before purchasing these earrings.  I ended up paying around $45 for these because I purchased them with a sale.

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