September 3, 2013

Fall Music Fix

As soon as school starts up again I look at the world from a completely different perspective.  I was driving home from tennis practice today and noticed that the sun was beginning to set and thought "Ah, I love fall afternoons like this".  In this moment I realized that yesterday I would have never thought this and that also that it isn't even fall, yet.  It made me realize that once school comes around I just look at the world as fall, and I find that very weird.  Does this happen to anyone else? (Does this even make sense to anyone else?!)

Anyway, while I continued on my drive home, I realized that the music I listen to during the fall and winter is so different from the music that I listen to in the spring and summer.  In the summer i'm a huge country music fan and some music that'll really pump you up, but during the fall and winter I just can't bring myself to listen to that genre as frequently! 

I'm very excited to crave some of my favorite artists and bands again as fall rolls around so I thought i'd share my excitement with some of you.  

Ben Rector: For the past week i've been listening to Ben Rector non-stop.  I guess his music is the perfect transition from my summer music taste to my winter one? I absolutely love his work, it's definitely worth a listen if you've never heard his stuff! (Favorites: Autumn, Sailboat, Wildfire, Loving You Is Easy)

The Civil Wars: Hands down, the most talented duo i've ever come across.  I can't get enough of their voices! Their music is perfect for this time of year, it's so mellow but so good.  (Favorites: Birds of a Feather, Devil's Backbone, and From This Valley)

Needtobreathe: I really forgot hoe much I loved this band until today.  Their music just screams fall to me, maybe it's just because I have so many great memories in the fall listening to their music.  It's so unique, I just love it.  (Favorites: Oohs and Ahhs, Drive All Night, A Place Only You Can Go)

Ben Howard: I can't even describe how good his music is, just go listen to it.  It's super relaxing, which I love especially for listening while studying.  (Favorites: Black Flies, Old Pine, Only Love, Gracious)
Kodaline: My lastest Obsession.  I don't know why I haven't listened to them sooner because their music is so good.  I haven't listened to too much of their stuff yet, but i'll be exploring it all soon. (Favorites (so far): All I Want and Perfect World). 

Noteworthy songs: Sloom by Of Monsters and Men, Submarines by The Lumineers, Lady Percy by King Charles, Took a Hit by Racoon, Fall At Your Feet by Boy & Bear, and Running For Cover by Ivan & Alyosha.  

Do you have any songs/artists that you can only listen to during fall? I'd love to hear of them! 


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