September 29, 2016

Pretty in Pink

Thanks for letting me take a little break from blogging the past few days.  Preparing for presentations when you have multiple tests coming up is difficult enough that I didn't have a moment to spare to write these blog posts.  I'm planning on taking some time this weekend to prepare posts for the next two weeks because they may be in busier than this passed one! The weekend after this one is Fall break and I'm so excited to be heading to Austin for the Austin City Limits music festival! I've never actually been to a music festival and can't wait to spend the weekend in Austin.

Remember the scarf from my wishlist a few weeks ago? Well, I finally found the perfect one on the Real Real for only $150! I couldn't believe that it was being sold for such a low price considering it still had the tags and came in the original box!

I love how it looks tied around my neck and thought this was the perfect outfit to wear with it.

September 26, 2016

Gameday Red

For this Friday's parents weekend game, I decided to wear this adorable one shoulder red dress, that was only $9.89!!! I have to admit, I've ordered from She Inside before and have been very disappointed, but after seeing this dress on another blogger I decided to try it again.  My tip for shopping on the website is to only order things you've seen people wear either in person or on blogs.  Some things look great, but other things are just horribly proportioned.  Overall though, the quality isn't amazing so don't expect a lot, though I love this dress and it's perfect for a football game.

September 23, 2016

Friday Finds 9.23

It's parents weekend at my school, and although I feel like my parents just dropped me off, I'm so happy they're back! Parents weekend is always fun because you get to go to some nicer meals and do some things around your college town you may not normally get to do!

This weekend we're actually planning on heading out to Waco, just a little over an hour drive from Dallas, to visit Magnolia! If you're an HGTV lover you'll know Magnolia is the storefront of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper series! Many people I know have visited and recommended we go (my parents are big Fixer Upper fans!) so I'm excited to make the trip with them!

Last weekend was our first home football game! Like I said yesterday, it was SO hot! I'm surprised that I managed to get a decently good picture with two of my friends! Today is our second home game, which isn't nearly as fun when parents are around but it'll be nice to show my parents around again! 

I've started posting OOTD photos again! I've gone so far this year without a full length mirror but decided it was finally time I made the ($14) purchase! So hopefully ya'll can expect to get these almost daily over on tumblr.  I love being able to look back through all of my OOTDs from high school that I wanted to start posting more to be able to document my style through the rest of college! 

Happy weekend, ya'll! Stay cool if you're somewhere warm or enjoy the comfortable weather if you're somewhere cooler! 

September 22, 2016

Last Drops of Summer Style

At what point in Fall does it no longer become okay to wear my favorite Lilly romper? This outfit may be super summery still, but I'm telling you guys it is still so hot! I don't really listen to the no white after labor day rule, and usually summer patterns fall in that too.  I especially can't listen to that rule when it's just to hot to wear anything heavier than an outfit like this.

Last weekend was our first home football game and I nearly melted  it was so hot. Coming back to Texas after a cooler summer back in New Jersey is always tough, but this year feels hotter than usual! Maybe it's just me!

September 21, 2016

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing

POPSUGAR was nice enough to send me this Must Have box to try and I'm SO excited to share it with ya'll! I'm so impressed by what was in the box.  I've seen these boxes around online before and have always wanted to try on myself.  I love subscription boxes and have had them in the past because it's almost like getting a little surprise every month! 

The first thing in my box were these dark chocolate coconut gluten-free bites from The GFB.  Let me tell you, these are delicious! Though they may not be the first thing I grab when I want something sweet, they would be amazing if you actually had a gluten intolerance and couldn't eat any gluten!

Next was this amazing hat from Jack & Lucy! I'm always skeptical with hats because I never know how they'll look on me, but you can see in the picture below (shameless mirror selfie) that it actually doesn't look too bad! I think I'll definitely be wearing it this fall!

Next was this Briogeo deep conditioning hair mask! I was so excited to see this because my hair is in desperate need of a haircut because it's way too long and getting fairly dead at the ends.  I can't wait to try this out and see how it works.  I'm sure you'll see a review in a Friday Finds post in the future!

This manicure kit is going straight in my purse after this post! The kit comes with scissors, nail clippers, and a whole bunch of other tools I don't know the names of, but will definitely come in handy.  I actually haven't been able to find my nail clippers recently so this has already come in handy! 

A retractable lint roller from Flint! Anyone else get annoyed when you have to put your lint roller back and waste the new sheet because you know it's going to collect dust in storage and be unusable? This is genius!! After you use the lint roller it goes back into the tube and the next piece is clean for the next use!

I'm obsessed with the Must Have box! All of these items retail for around $147 and the box only costs $39, so you're getting a lot out of it.  Plus if you use the code SHOP5 you can get $5 off your first box! I can't wait to sign up for the service so I can keep receiving these fun boxes! 


September 19, 2016

Black and White and Red All Over

Scarf (Similar) / T-shirt / Jeans / Sunglasses / Shoes (Similar)

After an exciting weekend it's hard to get back into the swing of the week.  I have a test today that I definitely didn't study enough for.  It's for my internet and mobile advertising class, which I find so interesting, but one of the big topics for this chapter was actually blogs! Seems funny studying something I do everyday!

Today's post is definitely more simple and casual, but was one of my favorite outfits I wore last week to class.  Though the day I actually wore this was much cooler than the day I took these pictures.  It was above 90 degrees when I was taking these pictures with my friend, Emma (check out her blog!), and it was a little unbearable.

I love wearing my scarves open like this during the first few weeks of fall where it's still pretty hot (especially here in Texas). You still get the look of wearing a scarf without as much of the warmth, though in some of the cooler classrooms that extra warmth is welcomed!


September 15, 2016

September Wishlist

My current wish list is definitely reminiscent of summer, with some touches of the looming fall season.  I've been obsessed with that square scarf from Hermes after seeing Kate rock a similar scarf in her paris style diary! It looks so chic tied around your neck with a simple dress, I just love it. 

A lot of the items on my wishlist right now are pretty basic and can be easily worked into any outfit.  

Essie's new (new to me at least!) gel polishes come in SO many different colors and the bottle is so cute too! I can't wait to try a few colors out for Fall.  

What's on your wishlist right now? 

September 14, 2016

In the Basket

You guys, this tote? My favorite thing ever. When I first stumbled upon Mariella Villar's totes on instagram I fell immediately in love and was so excited to place my order.  After waiting 6 weeks for it to be hand painted (beautifully, might I add) I have finally received it! While I didn't get to use it over the summer, I have loved having it at school.  It has almost become a sort of extra piece of room decor when it sits on top of my Moroccan pouf, I love it.  

I couldn't resist getting my favorite color combo, blue and white, as the colors for the monogram and stripe.  They go perfectly with one of my favorite recent Lilly Pulitzer patterns in this top! 

You may notice that I pretty much only wear this pair of Jack Rogers that I've actually had for a little over two years.  They still look pretty new to me, and considering their white that says something! Right now this exact pair is on sale on Rue La La for around $60! If you haven't made an account yet, here's an invite!


September 13, 2016

Life Update

This year has started off in full force, and I really wasn't expecting it.  This year may be my busiest in college yet.  My classes are greatly interesting and I can tell how helpful they will be for my future and I can even see how the topics I'm learning in one lecture apply to lectures in other subjects, which is really cool.  Not only have I been spending my time working on school work recently, but I've also committed a lot of time to help raise funds and awareness for my school's chapters of Dance Marathon and Relay for Life, serving on both as the communications chair.  I definitely underestimated how much time both of those organizations would take from me. 

Ordinarily, thinking about how much time I've been spending working on something would stress me out, but I think I have been handling it all really well and I'm really proud of myself.  I think juggling my time wisely is a skill I picked up somewhere along the way that I am so grateful for.  

I've had some pretty exciting things happening on the blog recently too! After feeling a little uninspired after what seemed like lots of hard work for little return for so long, I've been seeing a lot of reminders that I don't think I give myself enough credit.  It's so easy to get caught up in how many followers another person has or what posts they're doing, etc, but in the end you need to be proud of what you're doing.  Recently, I've been extremely proud that I've been getting posts up every day of the week (well maybe not Fridays... but we're working no that). 

I think one of my most exciting projects that I've worked on recently has been my post with Madewell. I'm still a little awestruck that I was able to work with a company I love so much.  

Recently I've been a little obsessed with making snapchat geofilters, which my friends have loved and people who aren't my friends have probably hated.  I'm convinced I've coined a new nickname "the snapchat girl," but honestly doubt anyone is calling me that (yet).  They're so easy to make and relatively inexpensive too! Both of these that I made for friends only cost $5 and make the perfect gift for a college student because it's personal and not very expensive! Two of my friends turned 21 recently and these were so fun to have at their parties. 

I've made a few more for other events on campus that have yet to go live but I will certainly update ya'll when they do! 

This weekend is an exciting one at my school because it's our first home football game.  Everyone wears white and brunch is a must before the festivities official begin.  I'm sure you'll see the dress I wear on the blog soon! 

I hope you enjoyed that little ramble of a life update! I might consider doing these monthly if ya'll enjoy them.  I think it's nice to share a more personal side with ya'll so that this feels a little more human! :) 


September 12, 2016

White Overalls

Is it just me or did this past weekend seem to fly by? Busy weekends are fun, but are always the ones that go by way to quickly.  A fun addition to my wardrobe recently has been this overall dress.  This past summer I was on the hunt for an overall dress and seemed to come up empty handed ever time I went to look at the mall, then I did a google search (hellooo, Emma? This is the 2016 why didn't you do it sooner...) and found this adorable one at Jack Wills

I was honestly surprised by how difficult it was to find something to wear underneath this that didn't make me look I was a five year old headed to the playground (definitely wore a dress like this back then).  This Show Me Your Mumu off the shoulder top paired perfectly.  


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