October 30, 2015

Friday Finds

Happy Halloween! This year I was very lazy on finding a costume so I only decided what to be on Tuesday.  After searching through my costume box (yes, I have a costume box), I came across a green, purple, and pink feather boa that looked just like peacock feathers! So, I decided to be a peacock! I'll try to post a picture of my costume at some point! What are ya'll being this year?

The Intern
Last weekend while the skies were falling in Dallas, my friend and I went to go see a movie and choose The Intern.  This was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time.  It absolutely exceeded my expectations and probably goes up there next to 13 Going on 30 on my list of favorite movies.  Anne Hathaway is perfect and Robert De Niro too.

October 29, 2015

Barbour and Bows

Jacket (Similar)  / Shirt / Scarf / Jeans / Boots (similar)

While I don't own a traditional Barbour beadnell jacket, this Barbour windbreaker stole my heart as soon as I put it on.  I love the versatility of this jacket; I wore it many times in the heat in Italy but also know I'll wear it a lot this coming winter.  But, for now I decided to wear this jacket with something that wouldn't be too hot or too cold for the amazing Fall weather. A piko top for the pop of color and this amazing Club Monaco scarf look perfect contrasted with the crisp navy jacket.  

Also, say hello to my pup, Riley! 

October 28, 2015

My Hair Routine

I have to admit, I am been pretty lucky when it comes to hair.  I never appreciated my hair until recently.  My hair is naturally straight, holds a curl well, and is a nice color (in my opinion).  Most days I let my hair air dry and I'm out the door.  I don't have to spend hours on my hair each day, and for that I am so thankful.  I used to be so envious of girls with curly or wavy hair that I didn't consider how lucky I was to actually have straight hair.

Now, I didn't write this post to brag about my hair.  I'm writing this because I get so many comments/questions about things I use in my hair on a day to day basis.  I really think everyone can come to love their hair if they figure out how to style and manage it correctly.  So, what I do and use for my hair might not be the best for yours.  I'd recommend trying different products and techniques out to arrive at a hair routine that's best for you!

After I get out of the shower I always put in my It's a 10 Leave in Product. This is a miracle for me because my hair is straight and I can't use a ton of products or it'll look greasy.  I swear by this stuff and have been using it religiously for four or five years now.  Occasionally I'll apply Bumble and Bumble Quenching Complex to my ends if my hair looks at all dry.

If my hairs straight, I haven't used a tool on it so I can't be much help in the straightening iron department.  However, I do blow dry my hair every once in awhile and I love my Jose Eber blow dryer.  It's powerful and quick and gets the job done.  For curls, I've been using a Conair 1 inch curling iron for the longest time.  I love this iron because it's versatile but the perfect size to always give my hair a great looking curl.  Anything bigger than 1 inch never stays with my hair, I don't know why.  I like to use this iron a few different ways: almost like a wand (wrapping the hair around the barrel) and like a traditional curling iron.  Another favorite of mine is the Jose Eber curling wand!

What products/tools have taught you to love your hair? I'd love to know!

October 27, 2015

Boots You Won't Want To Take Off

Riding Boots
Over the Knee Boots

I really could live with just two pairs of shoes: Jack Rogers and riding boots.  I constantly wear my Jack Rogers through most of the spring and summer and then once it starts getting colder I swap them out for a pair of boots.  Once I find a shoe I love, I wear it on repeat until it breaks.  Boots are great because they keep you warm, look cute, and are perfect for your fall wardrobe! Creating this post, I've fallen in love with a few of the over the knee pairs I've linked above. 

What are your favorite shoes this season?

October 26, 2015

Blue and White Scarf

Shirt / Vest / Scarf (similar) / Boots (similar) / Sunglasses

I'm so happy it's finally getting cold in Texas.  I know ya'll are probably sick of my complaining, but I've just been craving fall.  I took these pictures while home in New Jersey and mistakenly left my beloved Barbour Vest at home.  I didn't think I would need it anytime soon here, but I was wrong.  This past weekend was pretty cold and I would've loved to break this vest out.  

I bought this scarf back when I went to France when I was a junior in high school at Zara.  Though I probably could've found it here in the states, I love how sentimental I feel while wearing it.  What a fun trip to Paris that was; my first trip to Europe. 

Do you have a clothing item purchased on a trip that make you feel sentimental?

October 23, 2015

Friday Finds // Design Darling Shopping Night

I need to start off today's post with an apology for not posting yesterday or on time today! School work has kicked me in the butt, yet again.  Sophomore year is so much harder than I could've imagined and I don't think I've had a week without any sort of test, quiz, essay or project in a very long time.  So, blogging has kind of had to be put on the back burner recently which makes me unhappy but school work must come first!

Yesterday, I was so excited to shop at the Design Darling pop up shop! Last year, Mackenzie hosted a pop up shop in NYC with a few other vendors (Including Inslee, Society Social, and Loren Hope) and I was gutted that I couldn't go shop the event myself so I sent my Mom instead.  She had so much fun shopping the event.  When I found at Mackenzie was having a similar event in Dallas I was thrilled.  Now, if only I had an apartment to buy all of her adorable decor for! I guess my tiny dorm room will just have to look super cute until then.  

The event was so fun and her merchandise was absolutely adorable.  I had to limit myself to just a few items and I'm so happy with everything I got.  I picked up a small round hedge, lisi lerch earrings, a pink and gold print, and a business card holder.  All of which, you'll probably see posted on my instagram at some point!

October 21, 2015

Spotted Dress

Dress / Booties (similar) / Purse / Necklace

I hardly ever wear black.  When I do, it's usually in some type of pattern.  This dress is the perfect way to incorporate black into your wardrobe where the color usually can't be found.  I still needed to add a pop of color to my outfit, so I added this blue chunky necklace.  The necklace is big, and quite heavy actually, but I love the statement it makes.  I always get a ton of compliments while wearing it. 

October 20, 2015

10 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and there's not much time left to order any supplies that you may need for this years costume.  I'm starting to get things together, but I definitely am not 100% sure what I'll be wearing yet.  I thought it would be useful to a lot of you to put together my ultimate halloween costume guide, because I know some of you probably haven't even thought about it yet!

Elmo and Cookie Monster


Ice Cream Cone
Audrey Hepburn
Sophia Grace and Rosie
Party in the USA
Sugar Skulls
God Bless America
Angel / Devil

October 19, 2015

Horse Race Poncho

poncho / jeans / shirt / headband / boots (similar)

This post couldn't be more fall to me.  The warm light, orange leaves, and this poncho.  I can understand why ponchos are widely popular right now.   I mean, essentially it's a blanket with a hole in the middle for your head, so a wearable blanket.  Those mornings when you wish you could bring your comforter with you to school? This poncho has you covered.  While they may not be the most flattering, they are definitely the most comfortable.

I love that this poncho is my favorite fall colors, tan and cream, so it goes with essentially everything.  I paired it with a plain white button down to keep things simple, but the possibilities are endless.  This poncho stood out to me because it's unique in that it's square shaped instead of the typical triangular poncho shape.

This past weekend, I wore this outfit to the Far Hills Race Meeting, a horse race in New Jersey.  A lot of my friends were coming home for the occasion and it was so much fun to get to see a lot of people from high school again.  Below is a photo from Saturday!

My friend in the middle, Hannah, has told me to let ya'll know to follow her on Instagram


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