December 29, 2016

2016 Favorites

As 2016 comes to a close, I thought it would be fun to look over some of my favorite outfits over the past year.  So much has happened this year and I'm looking forward to starting a new one.  In 2017 I will turn twenty one (woot!), start my position as Vice President of Public Relations of my sorority, participate in my school's NSAC (Advertising Team) competition and partake in so many more adventures that I don't even know about yet.

My first post of the year came from Woodstock, VT where my family and I spent New Years! 

Jacket / Sweater (Similar)  / Gloves / Necklace / Sunglasses

I loved this outfit from a shopping trip into the city! 

I had so much fun shooting with a photographer for the first time in Dallas and I love how these photos turned out. 

Dress (Similar) / Jacket / Boots

This photo makes me wish the days were warmer and that I had some hydrangeas laying around.  This outfit was so summery, I loved it. 

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to invest in a new camera and I did it! This was the first outfit I took pictures of with it and I think it turned out to be one of the best!

See the full post, here

I loved this outfit from a trip to Martha's Vineyard this summer!

Top / Skirt 

December 27, 2016

Tied with a Bow

Top (only $23!) / Skirt / Bag / Shoes / Earrings

I wore this outfit on Saturday, for Christmas eve, for church and dinner with my family.  I was so happy when I stumbled upon this top, which is now only $23! When I purchased it, it was a little bit more, but still a great deal.  I had been looking at a top that was from Parker that was over $200, which of course would be way to expensive.  I loved the style though, so I'm incredibly happy that I found this one, which didn't break the bank. 

December 22, 2016

Cozy in Plaid

Shirt (Similar) / Cardigan (Similar) / Jeans / Boots (Same Color, Same Style)

There's just three days left until Christmas!! I can't believe it! Today's post is something I'd wear if I were leaving the house Christmas day (but, I'm not so I'll just stay in my PJs!).  This is casual and just so comfortable so it's great if you're just hanging around family all day! 

Today's post is a collaboration with Maddy from The Black Barcode! We've done collabs in the past, so I'm excited we are doing another today! Check out her holiday look below, and for the details visit her blog! 

December 21, 2016

Gingham Cape

Uploading a second post today because I realized that it's been so long since I took these pictures and I've just been forgetting to post them! I've been wearing this cape from Vineyard Vines constantly since I've been home.  I have other capes, but this is by far the warmest I own.  I was actually pretty surprised.  It's very thick so it's very much like wearing a thick blanket around you.  When it's as cold as it has been recently, I've enjoyed having this. 

I've linked the same exact cape but in a different plaid pattern.  Unfortunately, it looks like this one isn't online anymore, but if you're desperate to find one, call a Vineyard Vines store and they may be able to track it down for you.  Also, my exact boots aren't available anymore (ugh, I know), but I've linked the exact style, which comes in Black or Navy (so useful!), or a similar style that comes in this color! These boots are the absolute best and are definitely worth the hefty price tag. 

Holiday Home

Whether you're headed to a last minute christmas party or want to make your home a little festive for Christmas Day, these ideas are all perfect.  I'd call this a gift guide, but it's more of a guide on how to make your Christmas gathering a little more festive!! Don't worry, you can still get these all in time for the big day even if you order online!

December 20, 2016

Last Minute Gifts for Guys

Christmas is just 5 days away! There's still time to get the perfect gift for any guy in your life (whether it's your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or best friend!). These gifts are all great options that I'm sure any guy would find very useful.  I find guys to be hard to shop for, but these are fool-proof gifts they're sure to love!

Jack Mason Watch I have one of the Jack Mason women's watches (it'll be on the blog soon!) and my brother actually commented on how nice it is the other day.  He's a big watch fan, so I feel like this could be a thoughtful gift for any guy.

Wallet A few years ago I gave my brother a wallet just like this one and he surprisingly loved it.  My brother is hard to please, so knowing he liked a gift is very pleasing.

True Grit Pullover This pull over is so soft and I know plenty of girls who would love to steal it!

Ugg Moccasin If you're a girl, you and uggs probably go waaay back (hello 2009?), but these moccasins are perfect to wear around the house.  If you know a guy in college, these make the perfect run-to-the-dining-hall footwear choice.

Flannel Button Down A classic button down is an instant hit!

Monogram Garment Bag Most guys would never think to buy themselves a garment bag, but chances are he'll be traveling with a suit or jacket at some point in his life. This is a great gift for those occasions.

Needlepoint Belt Another practical, yet fun gift!

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker My friend has this speaker and it sounds great in small spaces or larger ones!

Weekender Bag This is a great gift because weekender bags are so useful as a carry on while flying or if you're going on a road trip.

Sneakers How fun are these dressy sneakers? I love that you can dress them up without sacrificing the comfort of a sneaker.

December 19, 2016

Tech Gifts

The holidays are getting closer as Christmas and Hannukah are fast approaching (just less than a week away!!).  This week I will be releasing a new gift guide everyday.  Let's face it, if you've just gotten home from college or if you're just a major procrastinator (we've all been there), you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet.  It's crunch time, so here are some of my favorite tech gifts 

Crosley Cruiser This record player is a fun way to listen to music.  I have one and I love the way it looks just sitting on my shelf or in use! If you're looking for some records to go along with it, this is a great selection! 

Instax Mini 70 I use my instax, or "polaroid", all the time! My room mate and I started a polaroid wall in our apartment where we hang up all of our pictures and we love the way it turned out. 

Instax Printer Something even cooler than the true instax camera? This printer.  I have an older version of this, and it's so cool to be able to print any picture on a polaroid.  It makes it so easy and fun. 

Sushi Phone Case How cute is this sushi phone case? Technically not a "tech" gift on its own, but it does help accessorize your phone!

Amazon Echo My parents are obsessed with their amazon echos! I have to say, it's so much fun to play with! Asking Alexa various questions and having her perform different tasks is amazing. There are so many different apps to program into the echo to completely customize the functions to your needs. 

Wireless Beats These are my all time favorite headphones!

DJI Phantom 3 A few months ago I actually purchased a drone, but the price of this one is just amazing.  This model is easy to fly and control but you still get all the functions of newer models. 

Triple C Speaker This is a great portable speaker.  If you're on-the-go or just want something that won't take up a lot of space in your dorm room, this speaker is great. 

Canon 6D This is the camera I use on the blog! It was a great purchase.  Before I owned this model, I had the entry level canon DSLR. I loved that camera but the quality different is insane. I'm so happy I upgraded. 

December 16, 2016

Friday Finds 12.16

Can you believe it's already the 16th of December? How has the month flown by so quickly already? The weeks leading up to Christmas are my favorite so I've been trying to hold on to them as much as I can.

I've decided to bring back Friday Finds after I don't even know how many weeks.  I like being able to share a more personal side of me through these posts!

The Man in the High Castle
My entire family is so excited for the release of season two of one of our favorite shows, The Man in the High Castle!! If you've loved shows like House of Cards and Black Mirror, you'll love this one. It's an Amazon original series that won two Emmy awards last year.  Basically, the show is about what would've happen if the Allies didn't win WWII.  The Germans rule the east half of the United States while the Japanese have taken over the west.  But two main characters come into each other's lives to uncover the corruption of the current situation.  It's addictingly (not a word, but you get what I mean) good.  I can't wait to binge watch the new season all weekend.

Design Darling Earrings
Last night, Design Darling restocked all of their bubble earrings! I haven't gotten around to posting about them on the blog yet, but I ordered a pair over black Friday and I love them! I've only wore them once, but so many people I ran into were complimenting them and asking if they could borrow them! Don't miss out on getting your pick of the available colors before they sell out again!

Blogs I've Been Loving 
I was able to get through finals season by reading some great blogs! If you haven't read any of these yet, check them out for some amazing gift guides, DIYs and holiday style! Fran Acciardo, The Style Scribe, Camryn Renee (she's in my sorority!), and Covering the Bases!

December 15, 2016

Favorite Wrapping Paper

Today's post is a little outside the box (ha, no pun intended!).  If you were to ever ask me what my guilty pleasure is, I'd have to say it's present wrapping.  Anytime of the year, I love it, but during the Holidays there are so many more opportunities to pull out all the stops with wrapping presents so I try to take advantage of it any chance I can get.  I make my mom leave any present that isn't for me out so that I can get my wrapping fix. 

I think I love wrapping presents so much because I truly love giving gifts.  Tracking down the perfect gift for each person is so much fun, so of course I want to make sure it's wrapped perfectly as well. 

Since I've been keeping my eye out for any cute wrapping supplies recently, I decided to make a post all about it. I know that some of you must appreciate present wrapping just a little bit, so look no further for all your wrapping supplies! 

My favorite thing that I've come across this year are these jingle bells. Let's just say my mom was more than apprehensive when I put these in our cart at target earlier this week, but she admitted they look too cute tied on top of a present.  

Here are some of my faaaavorite wrapping papers and accessories that I've found this season: 

FYI Container store is having 20% off all gift wrap!! A lot of this selection is from the container store (aka gift wrap heaven). 

December 14, 2016

Simple Everyday Outfit

After a stressful week of finals, I've decided to share a more everyday look.  This is something I'd wear to class on a regular basis.  It's just so simple and easy that I would never think to share something like this on the blog, but it's what I'm really wearing so I thought ya'll should see it. 

I basically wear my Stuart Weitzman boots everyday.  They are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned.  I love this grey color, but the black is very easy to wear also! 

I'm excited that now that the semester is over I will have more time to shoot more outfits and create more detailed posts! 

December 7, 2016

Stocking Stuffers

Today's post is again in collaboration with MaryKate from The Prep Next Door! Not only are we sharing all of these wonderful stocking stuffers on my page, but MaryKate is also sharing other stocking stuffers!! These gifts are perfect to get your friends as a small gift or to ask santa for this year! 

Emoji & Glitter Phone Case: Moving glitter phone cases are so eyecatching, but I've never seen ones that have something as fun as emojis in them as well! This case is perfect for any style because it's just so fun! 

Lip Scrub: My lips get so dry during the winter and I know I'm not alone.  I'm always looking for a way to bring them back to normal and lip scrubs can really help to take off the dead, dry skin! 

Soap on a Rope: This cactus soap is so fun.  All you do is hang it from your shower and you'll have a cute little decoration that's also very useful.  

Essie Holiday Set: I love the essie holiday colors this year and this set of minis is only $12.99! This gift is perfect for any girl on your list because it's inexpensive but something she'll probably love. 

Gold Pineapple Tumbler: Whether you have a bar cart or not, this is such a fun gift.  Set up on display, this would look cute for any occasion and just think about how fun it would be to sip on something out of this cup! 

Palm Cocktail Napkins: These napkins are just the cutest!! They're simple but would make anyone instantly happy whether they're opening them up as their holiday gift or using them on their table!

Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet: I have this bracelet in a dark maroon color, but I am obsessed with this tortoise one!! Plus, the heart studs are just too adorable!
Pineapple Tassel Keychain: This keychain would look adorable hanging from your keys or any of your bags! 

Leather Luggage Tag: A luggage tag makes a great gift for a frequent traveler or anyone going away this holiday season!

Gold Zebra Dish: I have this dish in Navy, but the gold is so perfect for the holidays! This is a great tray to leave beside your bed to rest your jewelry on at night. 

What Would Beyonce Do?:  No desk is complete without this nameplate.  Make your co-workers (or just yourself) laugh with this fun desk accessory.  

Hello Gorgeous Tray: I feel like trays like this make the perfect gift.  I love how simple and fun this one is, and like the zebra tray, it would be perfect to put your jewelry in at night!

Bee Studs: A gift they'll "bee" sure to love! These studs are perfect for day-to-day wear, but are a little more fun than your traditional pearl studs. 

Dry Bar Four Pack: I asked my friends if they had any ideas while I was making this post and my room mate suggested this Dry Bar set! I thought it was a great idea especially for someone who has not tried out the dry bar products before because this sets them up with four of the greatest hair products they sell. 

Sugarfina:  Sugarfina candies are so delicious and waking up to these on Christmas morning would be such a nice treat!

I'm Outta Here Passport Cover: This is another great gift for anyone on the go! Passport covers are so fun if you are using your passport frequently.  My mom just bought this one and it looks so cute on her passport. 

December 6, 2016

Holiday Playlist

I looooove Holiday music so this is an extra exciting playlist post!! You may notice it's way longer than the usual playlist I share, and that's because there are just too many great songs to share.  If these songs don't tie you over with enough Christmas music, head over to my spotify playlist that consists of 130 songs and will last you a good 6 hours and 57 minutes!!! I've been listening to that playlist as I study for finals and it has gotten me so excited to head home for break next week! 

December 5, 2016

One Shoulder Holiday Dress

Today's post is in collaboration with MaryKate, The Prep Next Door! I'm so excited to be collaborating with her in today's post and I hope you are all excited to see the holiday outfit on her blog as well! We're also working together on our posts going up on Wednesday, so be sure to check back on both of our blogs to see what we've done!!

This dress is my holiday favorite.  You may not be able to tell in the photos but it was freezing while I was taking them.  I guess I'm not used to the colder weather after living in Texas for three years, which is so sad!! This outfit is more than perfect though for any holiday function, especially if you live somewhere where you don't need a coat.  I wore this to my sorority formal a few weeks ago and it was the perfect dress!

December 1, 2016

Gifts Under $50

Hooray for my first gift guide of the season!! I am so excited by all of the gifts featured in today's post.  I absolutely love buying gifts for people, which makes gift guides so much fun for me.  This year my goal is to make ever gift guide as detailed and useful as possible.  In curating these gifts, I thought, "if my blog were a person, what would I get her?" Which would hopefully become an accurate representation of what my readers (aka YOU) would like to receive as a gift.  Let me know how I did! I have to say, I'm in love with all of these gifts and would love to see any under the tree on Christmas!

Monogram Eye Mask: If you have any friends who like to travel or taking naps mid-day, this would be a great gift for them! It's always hard to sleep on an airplane, but I find that having a sleep mask helps tremendously!  Similarly, an eye mask certainly helps achieve some extra shut eye during they day when the sun is at it's brightest! 

Monogram Palm Print Pad: I can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate receiving a note pad as a present.  This one is a cute addition to any desk and it's useful for jotting down notes throughout the day. 

Bobbi Brown Beach Lotion: Oh my god, you guys! This lotion smells amazing.  I know it might seem silly to give a beach sented gift in the middle of winter, but the way I think of it, this is a nice way to be reminded of the nice, warm weather in the Summer.  I'm not joking, this smells just like a day at the beach.  I'm usually not a fan of scented anything really (I know, weird...) but this lotion smells so good! I love the perfume too!

Iridescent Stud Earrings: I have these studs from Loren Hope and I absolutely love them.  They go with just about everything.  

Hotel Keychain: How adorable is this keychain? The best part is you can pick any color and have whatever you want written on it.  Do you and your bestie have a favorite quote? Get it printed on the keychain, and boom, you have the perfect gift! The possibilities are truly endless.  My favorite is a pink one I saw on Instagram that said "Girl Boss". 

Fresh Sugar Lip Set: I first discovered the fresh lip treatments when they were the birthday gift at Sephora a few years back.  When I lived in New Jersey year-round my lips would get so dry in the winter and I had trouble finding the right chapstick to moisturize them, but this did the trick! I love the tinted ones just as much as the plain so this is a great set to try the whole range. 

Tortoise Cuff: This cuff is a great piece that can easily be worn during the day or dressed up at night. The price is great too!

Blue Cosmetics Bag: I have this cosmetics case and I can say that it's a great size for traveling.  It's fairly large in a way that's hard to come by in cosmetics cases.  You can fit a full sized brush and other products that might not ordinarily fit in your smaller travel bags. 

Pineapple Desk Organizer: This organizer would look cute sitting on any desk and would especially liven up a dorm desk.  You could even use it to rest a smaller iPad up if you're trying to keep yours upright while watching a show on Netflix or taking notes. 

S'well Water Bottle: If you haven't seen a S'well bottle yet, you've been missing out.  I love my swell bottle because it keeps my water cold all day.  Plus, the cap is easily screwed on and I know I don't have to worry about it leaking in my bag throughout the day while I'm running to class or different meetings. 

Yay! Flute Glass: This would be a great gift if you know someone who is celebrating something special, but if not it's still a fun and happy gift. This would look cute displayed on a bar cart or shelf. 

Pink Agenda: I saw this agenda in a shop a few months back and almost gasped when I saw it because it was so pretty.  I love how sophisticated and sturdy this one is, which is why it made its way onto my wish list this year! 

Grey Bubble Earrings: This style of earring has been taking over lately! I didn't know how I felt about the style until recently, and I've totally jumped on board! The price of these specific ones are great (Just $48!), I've seen some that go from $200+!

Monogram Tote: When I came across this tote I was shocked by the price (it's under $40!).  Totes like this are great for just about anything.  I use a similar one as my backpack and carry on bag on flights! You could also keep one in your car to use while grocery shopping.  

If you're looking for more gift inspiration check out my gift guide pinterest board! I'll be adding to it throughout the next few weeks so make sure you stay follow to stay updated!

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