July 7, 2017

Friday Five 7/7

Although this was a short week, it felt incredibly long. I was pretty disoriented all week because I just couldn't remember what day it was! I actually woke up on Thursday disappointed that it was only Tuesday... anyone else?

I'm very excited for another summer weekend so that I can get some time outside! I don't have many plans this weekend, which I'm so looking forward to!

1. Kesha's new song though... I'm completely blown away!

2. Mollie rebranded her blog last week (formerly A Stylish Side Project) and I love it! Mollie is so sweet and I've been loving her posts recently! Especially this one, with apps all bloggers should download!

3. I've been really into Twitter lately! Anyone else still on it?

4. I'm heading to Washington D.C. in two weeks! The last time I was in D.C. was on the 8th grade school trip, wait scratch that, I was definitely in D.C. briefly looking at colleges about five years ago! Nevertheless, this is the first time I'll be back and can officially play tourist, any recommendations? I'm talking restaurants, things to do, museums, etc! Let me know your favorite things to do in the area!

5. Can we talk about J.Crew's new arrivals for a second? I mentioned earlier this week how much I've enjoyed the old favorite recently and I've been loving their new stuff just as much.  I love this ruffle trim top and I'm so excited to see all of their bathing suits (I wear this top all the time!) are 40% off with the code DIVEIN

Enjoy the weekend!

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