July 17, 2017

July Wishlist

All of these things make me smile because they're all so bright and happy.  I love this season because everything I wear is fun and bright colored.  Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fall.  But there's nothing like summer to get to wear the most fun items in your wardrobe. 

On my current wishlist is this perfume that I got a sample of a few months back.  It's one of the only perfumes I have ever really loved.  I'm very sensitive to smell and actually am allergic to a lot of perfumes, but not this one! I love it so much and want to purchase the full size, but it's way more than I normally would ever want to spend on a perfume.  Would it be worth it? 

I wish I had a great occasion to wear this one shoulder floral dress. It's just so perfect. 

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