July 10, 2017

NYC Summer Restaurant Hit List

New York is known for plentiful, delicious restaurants. To be honest, I rarely hit a restaurant more than once just because there are so many out there. If I do go back, it's because it was truly outstanding.  This isn't a post about those favorites though, the restaurants in this post have all caught my eye while browsing through websites or hearing about them through friends (but if you're interested in a post about my true favorites, let me know!). If you're ever looking for somewhere to eat in the city, I'd definitely recommend checking out The Infatuation or Eater NYC, these two website have great intel on what's good in the city.

at La Pecora Bianca, one of my new faves that I will definitely head back to

My latest obsession though is an app called Seated.  The app functions a lot like Open Table, but every time you make a reservation you get a $15 gift card of your choosing (gift card options only include Amazon, Starbucks or Uber).  I don't understand how it works (or how this company even makes money) but I can say I've made $60 from using it just the past two weeks. I'd recommend checking it out if you plan on eating out at all in New York (or any of  the other 5 cities the app has landed in). Occasionally they'll do promotions with an extra $5 reward and last week my friend got $20 for his reservation and his meal was only $21!

I haven't been to any of the restaurants below just yet, but I'm definitely excited to try them out.  If you get to any before I do, let me know how they turn out! 

Humble Fish | One of my favorite restaurants in Dallas is a super cute Poké joint called Pōk.  I've been craving the dish since I came back to the city and heard Humble Fish is a great option! 

Made Nice | If you follow the NYC food scene, you may know that Made Nice is from the team over at Eleven Madison Park, one of the finest restaurants in the city.  The fast-casual restaurant has food that's just as delicious as Eleven Madison Park at a way nicer price tag (around $11 per person for lunch). 

Her name is Han | This restaurant serves up Korean homestyle dishes that are apparently as delicious as the namesake is cute. Have I mentioned that I have fallen in love with Korean food recently? I can't get enough and I can't wait to try out this spot. 

Hanjan | Another Korean spot on my list that's just a few blocks from the office that I'm working in.  While they both serve up Korean fare, this spot seems to have a totally different vibe than the last one I mentioned, so I'll definitely be checking out both! 

Daily Provisions | From Danny Meyer, the chef who brought us Shake Shack, comes this delicious lunch spot.  This article talks about what to get and what to avoid.  

Le Cou Cou | Le Cou Cou serves up delicious french dishes that I am dying to try.  I've walked past the space a few times and it seems pretty big, which can be nice in a city that's cluttered with tiny restaurants. 

Sugarfish | This sushi restaurant, originally from LA, looks incredible and the take out boxes look just too cute!

Pietro Nolita | If you don't recognize this Italian place by name, you may recognize the milennial pink color scheme from pictures on social media.

La Sirena | One of my friends had a birthday celebration here last summer and I unfortunately couldn't make it, but I've been looking to try it ever since! The outdoor seating makes it a priority on my list!

The NoMad | Last summer for my internship I had to research the NoMad area and came upon many reviews of The NoMad (specifically how delicious the burger is!)

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