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August 21, 2017

Today is my last first day of school! Can you believe it?  I feel like the summer went by so quickly, I've hardly had time to realize that I am stepping into my senior year. I do have to admit I love back to school shopping, and will definitely miss it after this year.  Getting new school supplies and accessories has always been exciting to me.

Water Bottle | I use my Camelback water bottle at school so often. If I have it in my bag with me while I'm going to classes, I know I'll stop at a few water fountains throughout the day to fill it up.

Madeline & Co Backpack | I'm swooning over how adorable all of the backpacks from Madeline and Company are! I love the fact that Madeline started this company a few years ago when she was just in high school. Her backpacks are so well made and so much cuter than anything I've ever used in the past.  I can't wait to use my Navy leather backpack this year.  Madeline has been so kind and shared a discount code for y'all to use on her bags! Just enter DASHOFSERENDIPITY at checkout for

Cosmetics Case | I am admittedly cosmetics case obsessed. My favorite are from Glossier (they come free with every order) but you can also purchase a set of 3 directly from their website. They're pink bubble wrap cases that are so perfect for just about everything.

Monogram Laundry Bag | Now that I'm back in a dorm-style living situation (I'm living in my sorority house) next year, I will definitely be utilizing a laundry bag. I found this cute monogram one on Etsy that I'm excited to get in the mail!

Notebooks | I have absolutely loved carrying these notebooks around with me lately. I accidentally bought the pocket-sized one originally but have been carrying that around in my bag to jot down notes throughout the day. I've also been using the Medium size as a planner for my day-to-day to do lists.  Fun fact: I don't actually use a planner, but having the freedom to jot anything down in a notebook has helped me stay more organized!

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Friday Five 8/18

August 18, 2017

  1. I really can’t believe it's been a week since the last day of my internship. Seriously the summer flew by so quickly.  I feel like in every Friday post I ask how the week has gone by so fast. But honestly, this summer just doesn’t feel like it has been as long as it has. Interning this summer has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people.
  2. I ordered this pillow for my room at school this year and can’t wait for it to come in the mail. Blue is such a soothing color and this will look perfect with my navy pillows from last year!
  3. I’ve been eyeing this dress for a few weeks and have since walked passed a few people wearing it on the street, I think I need it. It’s perfect for SMU Football games!
  4. I accidentally bought this mini notebook, but have been loving using it each day to write a little recap of what’s happened.  I know that I’ll love getting to look back on what I’m doing now in a few years.
  5. @nycfoodtramp has been my favorite instagram for all things food this summer. I love that they post delicious food from restaurants but also some recipes to try at home!

Beach Breeze

August 17, 2017

This ended up being the perfect dress to wear to dinner on my first night on Martha's Vineyard.  When I saw it in the store I immediately gravitated towards it (I mean, hello it's my favorite off the shoulder style!). I ended up ordering it online and loved how it fit when I got it in the mail. 

It's a great dress for so many different occasions because it is incredibly comfortable. It's a knitted material so it's very stretchy and breathable, which makes it perfect for just about any occasion. 

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School Supplies Haul

August 16, 2017

This may be the most boring post ever if you don't like shopping for school supplies, but for me it's always the highlight of my year! I get so excited when I start fresh with new pens and notebooks. As I've gotten older, I've certainly needed less supplies, but that doesn't mean it gets any less fun.  

Colored Felt Tip Pens | These are the world's best pens!! Seriously, I love them so much and the bright colors make them so much fun to take notes with! 

Quick Charger | I guess this is technically not school supplies related, but I bought this charger that charges your phone quicker than the average charger. I know off-brand chargers have a bad reputation, but this one is positively reviewed on Amazon and I can say the same! It's been able to charge my phone very fast and will be perfect when I get back to school and forget to charge my phone.

Pink Notebooks | Are you even a #millennial if you don't have a millennial pink notebook? Haha kidding of course, but I really loved these Moleskin pink notebooks (set of 2!) so I bought one for each of my classes this semester. 

All Purpose Labels | I bought these so I could label the notebooks from above, but chances are I'll end up labeling half the things I own! Oops! 

Clear Magazine Holder | To keep my desk organized, I bought this clear magazine holder. I thought it would be perfect for any notebooks or folders. 

White Notebook | I've been using this in place of an planner recently and I really love it.  I have never been a huge planner user, so I love that this notebook helps me stay organized. 

Gold Binder Clips | To mark important pages in my notebook I thought these would be perfect!

Black Felt Tip Pens | For when my note-taking needs to be a little more serious and I should leave the colored pens in my pencil case. 

Pink Pouch | I didn't necessarily buy this because it came with a glossier order I made earlier this summer, but I will be using this to keep all of my pens this year! 

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Seeing Stripes

August 15, 2017

When Zara first had this dress it sold out before I could get my hands on it. On a later trip to Zara I saw it again and was excited to find it in my size. I bought it immediately without trying it on and luckily loved how it looked on.  

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I would pick up a dress like this. It’s off the shoulder and blue and white (my favorite color combination).  I swear my outfit choices have become very predictable as we’re reaching the end of the summer.
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August Playlist 2017

August 14, 2017

It's my third year in a row posting a playlist in August! Here's what I was listening to in 2015 and 2016. It's funny because I feel like the set up for these playlists look exactly the same.  I still gravitate towards the same fonts and layouts.

Two of my new favorite albums have come out this month. Kesha's Rainbow and Amine's Good For You have been playing on my Spotify a lot recently. I especially love listening to Kesha's album because it shares a lot about her personal journey that is really inspiring to listen to.

What's your favorite song at the moment?

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