Cocoon Coat

January 19, 2017

This coat has been at J.Crew for a few years now and I’ve always had my eye on it.  Before Christmas I realized that I don’t have a coat like this.  I have other coats, but nothing that’s as thick as this an good for cold winters, which is why I was excited to receive this one for Christmas this year. I contemplated if I wanted the camel color of grey, and I’m really happy I ended up choosing the grey. I’ve worn it with a bunch of different outfits and it is very versatile and easy to wear.  

Eleuthera, Bahamas Travel Diary

January 18, 2017

Hammock at The Cove

I am excited to be talking about my trip to the Bahamas on the blog today! I was so excited to go on this trip because I had never been to the Bahamas before, but my Mom has been in love with the islands ever since she was younger.  After about three weeks in cold New Jersey I was of course ready to get somewhere warmer!

Sunset in Eleuthera

We had an early flight to Fort Lauderdale, where we would get a connecting flight to Eleuthera and were planning on leaving at 5:30am.  Imagine my surprise when I wake up at 5:29 to a completely quiet house.  No, my parents didn't pull a Home Alone and forget about me.  No one had woken up yet! We ran out the door as quick as we could after I woke everyone up.  Our first flight went smoothly, but our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Eleuthera was delayed as soon as we got there.  Then it was delayed again, and again, and again.  Finally about five hours later, we boarded our flight.  Then after sitting in the plane for almost another hour while the plane was "maintenanced," the pilot told us that his flight crew could not take us to the Bahamas as they have already been flying for too many hours and that the plane next to us would take us.  So we hopped off the plane and went back to the gate agent where we were told our flight was cancelled.  Everyone on our flight was extremely disappointed when they told us they'd get us to the Bahamas at 6am the next morning.  So we ended up spending the first day of our vacation in the Fort Lauderdale airport (luckily before all the chaos happened a few days later).  Major FYI: NEVER fly Silver Airways.  They have absolutely the worst customer service and every Silver flight in our terminal was either cancelled, delayed, or disorganized.  Upon research, we found out that Silver is an extremely unreliable airline, just don't do it! Instead, I'd recommend flying to Nassau then Eleuthera if you're going!

Finally flying

 We woke up the next day at 3:45 this time to head back to the airport.  Praying that our flight wouldn't have an issue this time.  Luckily, our 6am took off at about 8am, so not too delayed.  By the time we got to the tiny airport in the Bahamas I was so thankful and happy to be there.

My family and I stayed at The Cove, which is now one of my favorite hotels! The decor was modern and beachy, although we really didn't spend much time in it.  Most of our days were spent between the beach and the pool that overlooked the two coves.  There are only about 50 rooms I believe at the hotel and it wasn't completely booked so it was pretty quiet.  There are a ton of palm trees on the property and you're never more than 10 feet away from a hammock.  We ate almost all of our meals at the restaurant at the hotel.  Breakfast was definitely my favorite meal.  The menu included things like coconut french toast and my all time favorite, eggs benedict.  Sushi was present on all of the lunch and dinner menus, which was fun and sort of unexpected.

Sushi topped with coconut and almond.

Two days we explored outside our hotel into the rest of Eleuthera.  First, we wanted to check out Tippy's at French Leave Beach about thirty minutes from our hotel.  The little restaurant is nestled right into the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life.  We parked our car and spent the day in the water.  We were almost the only people on that little stretch of beach.  Once we got hungry, Tippy's provided the perfect lunch!

French Leave Beach from a drone.

Another day we took a trip to "the city", as our taxi driver called it, or Harbour Island.  It was so fun to head over there because while it's so much smaller than the main Eleuthera Island, it's way more densely populated. Many people actually rent or own golf carts to get around since it's so small, which is what we did!

The View from Sip Sip

Right away we went to have lunch at Sip Sip, which was highly recommended to us.  My dad and I shared the lobster quesadilla, which was a huge hit.  My dad said it was the best thing he's ever had to eat.  While the food was amazing, the view was even better.  Seriously breathtaking.

Again we spent the day on the beach, this time one of the world's most beautiful beaches, Pink Sands.  Just before the sun set we went to get dinner at Rock House, which was set on the second floor of a hotel and had a beautiful view of the sunset.

Sunset from Rock House

Thanks for letting me ramble on about how I came to fall in love with Eleuthera! If you ever have a chance, I definitely recommend checking out the Island.  I am hoping to travel more in 2017 and bringing more of that aspect to the blog, so if you enjoyed this let me know! I'm so thankful that my parents brought my along for this trip!

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So Matcha Grey

January 17, 2017

One of the places on my list to hit in the city was Cha Cha Matcha.  It's basically a shop dedicated solely to matcha and matcha flavored things.  The matcha latte was delicious and so was the matcha "doissant" (crossiant and donut). 

I mentioned earlier that I stopped by the Club Monaco outlet last week, where I found this vest on sale.  It's still available in the store so I linked it above.  I'm so happy I found it.  I don't have anything like this, but it's so comfortable and versatile!

My bag has been sold out for the past few months, but I've noticed it's back in stock! I haven't been able to find this exact style and pattern anywhere since I got it, but there's just one left on ShopBop's website! So, if you've been eyeing it, this may be your last chance to pick it up! I have loved using it because it perfectly fits everything I need! On this day, I was carrying my DSLR Camera, Polaroid Camera, Wallet and my phone! Can you believe all of it fit in there?

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Dreamy Earrings

January 16, 2017

I love wearing statement earrings.  While sometimes overlooked, I think earrings can completely transform any outfit.  If you're wearing just a simple sweater and jeans and add one of these earrings to your look it becomes instantly elevated.  I get complimented pretty often on my earrings and frequently get asked to borrow some of my studs.  

I think a lot of people are afraid that such bright, colorful earrings may be too out there, but if you wear them with simple outfits you can certainly play it safe.  
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Week 2/52

January 13, 2017

Going into the new year, I wanted to change up what I normally did for my Friday posts.  I've been keeping up with the "Friday finds" series for a few years and started to get tired of it, which is why my blog was quiet on a lot of Friday mornings recently.  While brainstorming what else I could bring to the blog on a Friday, I thought of sharing a weekly recap each week.  Looking back over my weeks for these posts will allow me to sit down and reflecting on what's happening while also inviting y'all to see a more personal side of me.

Unfortunately, getting a post for week 1 proved difficult because I was on vacation in the Bahamas where the wifi was just awful.  I really wasn't anticipating such bad wifi, so we'll have to get started with a post for week 2!

This was my last week at home before heading back to school for the semester.  I can't believe how quickly this break has gone and how used to having no obligations I've gotten, well at least not as many as I have while I'm at school.

On Tuesday I decided to make a trip to Woodbury Common Outlets, about an hour from my house.  One of my friends told me that there is a CLUB MONACO OUTLET a few weeks ago, yep a Club Monaco outlet!! I couldn't believe it.  Club Monaco is one of my favorite stores, but it's so expensive.  When I heard about this outlet location I had to go check it out.  Plus, Woodbury Commons is the best outlet center.  If you are in the New York area I would highly suggest making a trip.  They have everything: Tory Burch, Vineyard Vines, Steve Madden, St Laurent, AG Jeans, Burberry, Stuart Weitzman, etc.

I was really impressed with the selection at the outlet.  It was small, but they had a lot of inventory.  I even found a sweater vest I was about to purchase online for $100 less than what it's currently priced at.  I also found the craziest cashmere sweater that's sort of shaped like a zip up sweatshirt.  It's super cute and I ended up paying around $100 for it, but I saw the original price on the tag and nearly fainted.  $695! For a simple, thin sweater.  Crazy!

On Wednesday my Mom and I made a trip into the city per my request so that I could spend the day in New York one more time before spending the next few months back in Dallas.  I really wanted to stop at the Glossier Showroom (open to the public!) because after receiving a few Glossier products for Christmas, I've become obsessed. The showroom was beautiful and I was happy to pick up a few things like the highly praised Boy Brow, Haloscope, and the new Priming Moisturizer Rich.  If you want me to do a review on the products I've tried, let me know!

I head back to school this afternoon.  While I am so excited to get back to my friends, I always get pretty nostalgic when I leave home. As I've gotten further into my college career leaving home after each break gets a little bit harder because I know I don't have many more breaks at home left.  In a little over a year, I embark on my journey into the real world, where I won't be able to take a break and sit at home for months at a time.
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