February 27, 2017

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Hey everyone! Today's post is a little more fun and personal. I did a quick twitter poll back at the beginning of the year and a lot of y'all said you wanted to see more personal posts.  I thought this could be a good idea to let you guys learn a little more about me!

1. I am studying advertising. 
I absolutely love my major! I'm studying advertising with a specialization in digital media. I learn a lot about how to advertise in the digital age. It's actually pretty exciting because it's so relevant and also applies to my blog! I have minors in fashion media and graphic design, which also correlate pretty nicely with the blog!

2. I am on the exec board for both my sorority and Relay for Life at my school!
I serve on the executive board for the Relay for Life organization at my school as the Director of Communications, which has been so excited and really rewarding. We've raised over $40,000 so far for our event in April, but our goal is $180,000.  I'm excited to see if we'll be able to surpass that! I am also the VP of Public Relations for SMU Tri Delta, which was pretty unexpected.  The job has been really fun so far as I get to design some t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories for our chapter as well as stuff , like stickers, pins, and cups, for the football season next year!

3. I am getting a new puppy!
In late March, my family will be getting a new puppy! I am so excited to welcome our new (girl!) puppy to our home.  I'll get to meet her when I go home for easter in April. We are getting another mini goldendoodle because we loved Riley, our last one, so much.  Some of you might remember that Riley passed away in August.  We didn't think we'd want to get another dog so soon, but we have been missing a furry companion in our lives.

4. I'm going to Miami for spring break!
I am so excited to go to Miami because I have never been before!! I've been dreaming of going to Wynwood Walls for awhile and was so excited when my friends and I decided to go there. If you have an Miami recommendations I would love to hear them!

5. I can be messy.
A lot of people in my life who don't know me super well, think I would be a really organized person.  I usually have my life pretty organized and my school work too even, but when it comes to clothes and my room? Forget about it. I try to keep myself more organized but sometimes I get too busy to keep track of everything!! Anyone else like this?   

February 23, 2017

February Playlist

I had this post originally scheduled for Monday, but I just saw that it never posted! I apologize that my postings have been a little sporadic and inconsistent recently, I have been so busy with schoolwork this semester.  But, I did want to get my February playlist out for you guys! A lot of y'all seem to really enjoy these playlists so I hope that you love the songs I've picked this month!

What have y'all been listening to recently? 

February 18, 2017

5 Sunglasses I love

The weather in Dallas is so beautiful today! I decided to take a drive around this morning to explore the city while enjoying the weather.  When I opened the little sunglasses compartment in my car, hoping that I had a pair in there, I found my favorite pair of sunglasses that I had honestly thought I lost! I took the picture above in the Design District and it inspired me to share my top 5 sunglasses!

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Saturday! It seems like the weather has been just about perfect everywhere.

February 15, 2017

Red Coat

I absolutely love this coat.  It was perfect to wear during winter break leading up to Christmas because it is so festive, but even now it still looks great as the weather transitions into spring.  The color is fun, and the weight isn't too heavy if you don't have on too many layers underneath.  Though, If you're wearing a chunky sweater with it, this coat can be so warm! 

February 9, 2017

Big Little Week Recap

Last week was such an exciting week in my sorority: Big-Little week! Everyone looks forward to this week as it is a chance to spoil the new members in our sorority.  Our bid day was only two or three weeks ago, but Tri Delt nationals makes us send in our big-little pairs just after eleven days, so everything happens so fast.  I actually didn't know my little before we got paired, which made the whole week even more exciting and nerve-wracking! 

I wanted to share what I gave to her each day because it was so exciting.  I had so much fun figuring out what types of things she'd like and crafting for her.  This week pretty much summed up everything I love doing: giving people gifts, crafting, and arranging baskets (you'll see in the photos below)! 

The first day was "snack/candy" day.  I may have gone overboard with her favorite snacks and other snacks that were Tri Delt colors- blue and yellow! 

Day 2 was flower day.  I gave my little her favorite flowers, some t-shirts and a cute frame to hang pictures on that I made! I printed out some Tri Delt themed polaroids with my polaroid printer to hang. 

On Day 3 we were suppose to give our littles their costumes for the reveal.  In my sorority you dress your little in a matching costume to yours and one by one they find their match! It's hard to explain, but it's really cute. My little and I dressed up as Hershey Kisses! I gave her a canvas, some cups, and t-shirts on this day also! 

The next day was bin day! This is by far the most exciting day.  I don't think a lot of other schools do this, but at SMU each sorority has the bigs give their littles bins full of their sororities stuff.  It's so exciting to see all of the bins set up in the dining room and I know the littles absolutely love it.  I gave her so many shirts, canvasses, wooden letters, hats, and cups.  I had so much fun making everything and collecting different things over the past year to give to her! 

Finally, here's a picture from the reveal! The Hershey Kiss costumes were so cute and different and I think we'll both be able to wear these silver pieces for different costumes in the future! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about big little week last week! This was sort of a different post, but pretty fun to write.  Honestly, I wish I could've been a little again because getting spoiled like this by your big is so exciting. 


February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day Guide

Happy almost Valentine's Day! How is next week already February 14th? I actually love the holiday because it involves my favorite color scheme and a whole lot of pink.  This guide was so fun to put together.  Everything is so bright and happy.  




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