December 19, 2016

Tech Gifts

The holidays are getting closer as Christmas and Hannukah are fast approaching (just less than a week away!!).  This week I will be releasing a new gift guide everyday.  Let's face it, if you've just gotten home from college or if you're just a major procrastinator (we've all been there), you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet.  It's crunch time, so here are some of my favorite tech gifts 

Crosley Cruiser This record player is a fun way to listen to music.  I have one and I love the way it looks just sitting on my shelf or in use! If you're looking for some records to go along with it, this is a great selection! 

Instax Mini 70 I use my instax, or "polaroid", all the time! My room mate and I started a polaroid wall in our apartment where we hang up all of our pictures and we love the way it turned out. 

Instax Printer Something even cooler than the true instax camera? This printer.  I have an older version of this, and it's so cool to be able to print any picture on a polaroid.  It makes it so easy and fun. 

Sushi Phone Case How cute is this sushi phone case? Technically not a "tech" gift on its own, but it does help accessorize your phone!

Amazon Echo My parents are obsessed with their amazon echos! I have to say, it's so much fun to play with! Asking Alexa various questions and having her perform different tasks is amazing. There are so many different apps to program into the echo to completely customize the functions to your needs. 

Wireless Beats These are my all time favorite headphones!

DJI Phantom 3 A few months ago I actually purchased a drone, but the price of this one is just amazing.  This model is easy to fly and control but you still get all the functions of newer models. 

Triple C Speaker This is a great portable speaker.  If you're on-the-go or just want something that won't take up a lot of space in your dorm room, this speaker is great. 

Canon 6D This is the camera I use on the blog! It was a great purchase.  Before I owned this model, I had the entry level canon DSLR. I loved that camera but the quality different is insane. I'm so happy I upgraded. 

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