December 1, 2016

Gifts Under $50

Hooray for my first gift guide of the season!! I am so excited by all of the gifts featured in today's post.  I absolutely love buying gifts for people, which makes gift guides so much fun for me.  This year my goal is to make ever gift guide as detailed and useful as possible.  In curating these gifts, I thought, "if my blog were a person, what would I get her?" Which would hopefully become an accurate representation of what my readers (aka YOU) would like to receive as a gift.  Let me know how I did! I have to say, I'm in love with all of these gifts and would love to see any under the tree on Christmas!

Monogram Eye Mask: If you have any friends who like to travel or taking naps mid-day, this would be a great gift for them! It's always hard to sleep on an airplane, but I find that having a sleep mask helps tremendously!  Similarly, an eye mask certainly helps achieve some extra shut eye during they day when the sun is at it's brightest! 

Monogram Palm Print Pad: I can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate receiving a note pad as a present.  This one is a cute addition to any desk and it's useful for jotting down notes throughout the day. 

Bobbi Brown Beach Lotion: Oh my god, you guys! This lotion smells amazing.  I know it might seem silly to give a beach sented gift in the middle of winter, but the way I think of it, this is a nice way to be reminded of the nice, warm weather in the Summer.  I'm not joking, this smells just like a day at the beach.  I'm usually not a fan of scented anything really (I know, weird...) but this lotion smells so good! I love the perfume too!

Iridescent Stud Earrings: I have these studs from Loren Hope and I absolutely love them.  They go with just about everything.  

Hotel Keychain: How adorable is this keychain? The best part is you can pick any color and have whatever you want written on it.  Do you and your bestie have a favorite quote? Get it printed on the keychain, and boom, you have the perfect gift! The possibilities are truly endless.  My favorite is a pink one I saw on Instagram that said "Girl Boss". 

Fresh Sugar Lip Set: I first discovered the fresh lip treatments when they were the birthday gift at Sephora a few years back.  When I lived in New Jersey year-round my lips would get so dry in the winter and I had trouble finding the right chapstick to moisturize them, but this did the trick! I love the tinted ones just as much as the plain so this is a great set to try the whole range. 

Tortoise Cuff: This cuff is a great piece that can easily be worn during the day or dressed up at night. The price is great too!

Blue Cosmetics Bag: I have this cosmetics case and I can say that it's a great size for traveling.  It's fairly large in a way that's hard to come by in cosmetics cases.  You can fit a full sized brush and other products that might not ordinarily fit in your smaller travel bags. 

Pineapple Desk Organizer: This organizer would look cute sitting on any desk and would especially liven up a dorm desk.  You could even use it to rest a smaller iPad up if you're trying to keep yours upright while watching a show on Netflix or taking notes. 

S'well Water Bottle: If you haven't seen a S'well bottle yet, you've been missing out.  I love my swell bottle because it keeps my water cold all day.  Plus, the cap is easily screwed on and I know I don't have to worry about it leaking in my bag throughout the day while I'm running to class or different meetings. 

Yay! Flute Glass: This would be a great gift if you know someone who is celebrating something special, but if not it's still a fun and happy gift. This would look cute displayed on a bar cart or shelf. 

Pink Agenda: I saw this agenda in a shop a few months back and almost gasped when I saw it because it was so pretty.  I love how sophisticated and sturdy this one is, which is why it made its way onto my wish list this year! 

Grey Bubble Earrings: This style of earring has been taking over lately! I didn't know how I felt about the style until recently, and I've totally jumped on board! The price of these specific ones are great (Just $48!), I've seen some that go from $200+!

Monogram Tote: When I came across this tote I was shocked by the price (it's under $40!).  Totes like this are great for just about anything.  I use a similar one as my backpack and carry on bag on flights! You could also keep one in your car to use while grocery shopping.  

If you're looking for more gift inspiration check out my gift guide pinterest board! I'll be adding to it throughout the next few weeks so make sure you stay follow to stay updated!

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  1. These are all such good gifts, the monogram tote makes such a perfect gift!
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