September 29, 2016

Pretty in Pink

Thanks for letting me take a little break from blogging the past few days.  Preparing for presentations when you have multiple tests coming up is difficult enough that I didn't have a moment to spare to write these blog posts.  I'm planning on taking some time this weekend to prepare posts for the next two weeks because they may be in busier than this passed one! The weekend after this one is Fall break and I'm so excited to be heading to Austin for the Austin City Limits music festival! I've never actually been to a music festival and can't wait to spend the weekend in Austin.

Remember the scarf from my wishlist a few weeks ago? Well, I finally found the perfect one on the Real Real for only $150! I couldn't believe that it was being sold for such a low price considering it still had the tags and came in the original box!

I love how it looks tied around my neck and thought this was the perfect outfit to wear with it.


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! It makes me want to hang on to summer for just a little bit longer!

    Ashley //



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