September 23, 2016

Friday Finds 9.23

It's parents weekend at my school, and although I feel like my parents just dropped me off, I'm so happy they're back! Parents weekend is always fun because you get to go to some nicer meals and do some things around your college town you may not normally get to do!

This weekend we're actually planning on heading out to Waco, just a little over an hour drive from Dallas, to visit Magnolia! If you're an HGTV lover you'll know Magnolia is the storefront of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper series! Many people I know have visited and recommended we go (my parents are big Fixer Upper fans!) so I'm excited to make the trip with them!

Last weekend was our first home football game! Like I said yesterday, it was SO hot! I'm surprised that I managed to get a decently good picture with two of my friends! Today is our second home game, which isn't nearly as fun when parents are around but it'll be nice to show my parents around again! 

I've started posting OOTD photos again! I've gone so far this year without a full length mirror but decided it was finally time I made the ($14) purchase! So hopefully ya'll can expect to get these almost daily over on tumblr.  I love being able to look back through all of my OOTDs from high school that I wanted to start posting more to be able to document my style through the rest of college! 

Happy weekend, ya'll! Stay cool if you're somewhere warm or enjoy the comfortable weather if you're somewhere cooler! 

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  1. Love that dress! So cute, I look forward to seeing all your ootds!

    Ashley //



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