August 1, 2016


Yesterday I was really lucky to get to go to the Museum of Ice Cream! The pop up museum is only in NYC for August, but it's already completely sold out (although I heard they might start giving away tickets on their Instagram...).  The museum is basically a major appreciation for all things Ice Cream.  The extremely Instagram friendly exhibition is filled with sweet treats and super sweet artwork.

I knew the moment I heard about the museum that I needed to go, there was almost no information (or photos) released about the exhibition, but it sounded just too cute! 

If you didn't get a chance to grab tickets before they sold out, don't worry because I'll give you a run down on what happened inside! I had read that the museum was underwhelming earlier this week so my expectations were actually pretty low going into it.  I was very happy to feel like a kid again inside the ice cream lover's heaven. 

The second you walk in you're handed a scoop of Ice Cream! This was very welcomed after waiting on line to get in (they do a pretty good job with crowd control). 

The ice cream flavor they had (it changes every week) was vanilla topped with fruit loops and marshmallows.  It sounds weird, but it was delicious.  

Next, we went to the cone room, where they were making helium filled sugar balloons.  Unfortunately the women who was making them didn't seem to know exactly how to make them, but they still tasted delicious although they didn't stay inflated very long! 

One of my favorite parts (even over the sprinkle pool) was the taste changing tablets! They handed us a little tablet that makes your tongue perceive sour things as sweet! We were actually able to eat LEMONS almost as if they were oranges! I'm not even joking that lemon was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten.  It was slightly sour still (but definitely less sour than something like a sour patch kid).  It was extremely delicious.

The main attraction, and the most instal-worthy part, was the sprinkle pool! It was actually real cool to be able to wade in the plastic sprinkles.  I was expecting it to be way more shallow than it actually was (it went up to my knees).  You only get 7 minutes in the "pool" and there's quite a lot of people in it all at once so you have to get kind of creative while taking pictures. 

Let me just say now, I still have the sprinkles hidden between my toes! It's so funny. 

(this is suppose to be a gif, but if it didn't go through please ignore the awkward thumbnail!)

If you have a chance to catch a ticket, don't pass it up! You can keep an eye on StubHub to see if anyone posts any tickets!


  1. Oh my gosh.. this is amazing. That sprinkle pool!! So jealous!

    Mackenzie |

  2. This is so cool! I tried to go but couldn't get tickets. Living vicariously!

    1. I hope they make it a semi-permanent thing or at least take it to other cities! It was really cool!



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