August 1, 2016

Skyline Stripes

This past weekend was a lot of fun because one of my best friend's was in town visiting! Since I live about an hour and a half by train from the city, I don't really get to spend much time hanging out after work because I usually try to get home as early as possible. 

I got to play tourist with my friend who doesn't get to New York very often.  One of the places I was excited to go to was Top of the Rock.   I think it's been about 8 years since I was last up here and the views certainly didn't disappoint! We were shopping at Bergdorf Goodman earlier in the morning and when we saw that it wasn't raining when we stepped outside (it had been pretty gross earlier in the day), we decided to jump on the chance to check out the view.  

Most people head straight for the Empire State building when they're visiting New York, which is understandable because it is such an iconic building.  After growing up just outside the city, I actually have to admit I've never been to the top! The best building with a view in Midtown (that's open to the public) is by far at Top of the Rock.  Not only do you have a great view of Central Park on one side, but you also get to see the Empire State building (and sometimes the Freedom Tower on a clear day). You'd miss the gorgeous view of the Empire State building if you were actually on it! 

This dress is actually a cover up! I really love it, but it is a little short so I am planning on getting it let down a little bit! It was a great outfit for a day of walking around and doing a lot because it was really comfortable.  



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