August 3, 2016

3 Things You Need in College

While packing for college you'll find list upon list of what you need to bring.  While this is helpful, you probably know the basics you need.  Yes, you need to bring underwear, and yes you need sheets (Surprise!).  After living in a dorm for two years, I've come across a few items I can't live without at school, but I don't know if I would have thought of them as I was getting ready to head into freshman year!

Aerobed Packmat: I've talked about this before on the blog (definitely in my Freshman year dorm tour!).  It's the BEST purchase I made for my dorm.  I saw a random buzzed list somewhere that suggested this because it's actually an aerobed made for camping, which means it's great for small spaces.  The little cylinder it's stored in also serves as the pump (there's no motor) and once it's blown up it's only a few inches thick. It probably isn't THE most comfortable thing, but definitely better than sleeping on the floor.  I used this a lot if a friend wanted to stay in my room or if I was going to stay in someone else's room!

Desk Hutch: If your school provides a hutch, this won't apply to you.  My school's desk had nothing above it and for the first semester I didn't have a hutch at all.  But after I bought one I noticed a huge difference.  I could store things above my desk, which made it so much easier to stay organized!

Headphones: Well, yes you'll probably be bringing headphones to college, but I have a new use for them! I actually used headphones for the past two years to play white noise while I slept.  It may take a few nights to get used to, but white noise is actually really calming and it blocks out all other noises around you.  Whenever my roommate would get up early for class or come into our room after I was asleep, I didn't hear her and I wouldn't wake up! It made my life so much easier to make sure I would stay asleep!

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