June 15, 2015

6 Things About Me

1. I have to be early for everything.  I think this stems from the fact that my mom is always late, so growing up that meant I was late for everything.  I swear it used to make me sick when we would get to my tennis clinics the minute they started because I would be the last one to walk in and I felt like everyone was staring at me.  Now I get to most places about 10 minutes early.

2. I used to be terrified of dogs. You might know this if you saw my post about my dog, Riley, for his birthday.  Before we got him I would be frightened if I saw a dog from across a road!

3. I was on the cover of two magazines. I'm the oldest child, so when I was about a year old my mom was a little bored and decided to take me into NYC and try some modeling.  She thought no one would ever want me for any of the shoots because I had no hair at that point, but a few photographers ended up liking me! It's cool to say that I've been on the cover of Parent's and Child's magazines as well as in a few Baby's R Us catalogs!

4. I have a slight fear of cheese.  This may seem really weird, but I do have a fear of processed cheese.  I like cheese on pizza or mac and cheese, when it's cooked, but blocks of American cheese or string cheese just completely freak me out! Is anyone else like this?

5. My hair turns really blonde in the summer, but is pretty brunette in the winter.  So many people think I die my hair, but it's actually natural! The sun really effects my hair so that it gets really blonde by the end of the summer but in the dead of winter will be fairly brunette.  I really like this, but hate that people think I dye my hair because of it.

6. I went to an all girls sleep away camp with no electricity for 3 summers.  I spent three of my summers growing up at a camp in Maine where white and green (like the Parent Trap) without electricity for three weeks at a time.  For some this seems crazy but I loved it! It was awesome writing letters home, using flashlights at night, and making great friends.


  1. My hair gets way lighter in the summer too, leaving everyone to ask if I dyed it!!

  2. I love these types of posts! I'm also always early for everything (and my mom is always late as well)

    Claire Elise



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