June 17, 2015

9 Things No One Tells You About College

1. You'll walk a lot.  Campuses can be big, even if you go to a small school.  Chances are you'll be walking from your dorm to classes everyday, so get used to it! This was difficult for me at first because temperatures in Texas in August are in the 100s, but you quickly get used to it.

2. Your phone will always be dead. At first my phone was dying all the time.  I ended up purchasing a mophie case (I highly recommend) because I hardly ever had enough battery on my phone.  Now, anytime I am around a charger, I plug my phone in!

3. You'll be playing dress up.  You'd think things would be getting grown up now that you're in college, but it's not true.  At my school, and many others, themed parties happen all the time.  American Apparel skater dresses can be your savior and a few colored beads to pass as any theme.

4. Naps will become your best friend.  Even when you get 8+ hours of sleep in a night (there won't be many of those though) you'll still feel like you need more.

5. You're friends become your sisters.  You and your friends all live within walking distance of each other so you'll be around each other a lot.  They know everything you do, you eat every meal with them, you may even live next door to some of them.

6. Delivery food is a god sent.  Apps like postmates and favor (TX only) are the most amazing thing.  You can get ANY food delivered to you for a small fee.  Craving chipotle but don't want to leave your dorm? This app is perfect.

7. Everything is dusty.  Living in a small room with two people causes everything to get dusty.  I swear I clean and a few hours later every surface is dusty again.  I still haven't figured out a great solution to my dust problem, so if you know of something let me know!

8. You'll have the most stressful week then have nothing to do the next.  Since you only have a few tests a semester in most classes it may feel like you have no work for a few weeks then are suddenly piled with everything.  A lot of classes end up having tests within the same week or even the same day.

9. No one cares if you eat alone. Going into college, this wasn't a big deal to me but it was to some.  I think working at the mall got me used to this because occasionally on my breaks I would go to restaurants and ask for a table for 1.  I really don't mind eating alone.  In the dining halls, no one judges you for eating by yourself.  Sometimes your breaks won't match up with friend's so you have to grab something to eat when you can.  Luckily, my school's dining halls have a sort of "bar" looking area to eat so it's less awkward to eat alone for those who don't enjoy it.

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