April 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Riley!

Yes, this is a post dedicated to the birthday of my dog.  Am I crazy? Probably.  Today marks the 9th birthday of my sweet minigoldendoodle pup.  As crazy as it sounds, he really changed my life.  From what I can remember up until I was in 4th grade, I was terrified of dogs.  Not just in the sense that if I saw a dog standing near me I would get nervous.  Full out terrified.  If I saw a dog on the other side of the street I would run away.  I would beg my mom to call my friend's mom before a playdate to see if they had a dog, or if they'd be able to put there's in a crate while I was there.  I don't know what sparked my fear but it was there.

But when I was in 4th grade, my parents had the idea that maybe if we got a dog, and I lived with it, I wouldn't be afraid anymore.  So, they found the perfect dog for us (a Mini Goldendoodle) and we traveled to West Virginia to go pick it up.  I remember the night before we got to the breeder I was so terrified (but excited) that I couldn't even eat my dinner.  We picked up our puppy, the runt of the litter, and journeyed home.  As I watched him sit on my mom's lap the entire way home, I thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad.  But as soon as we brought him home, I was terrified again.  I remember sitting outside of the gate we had installed for him, watching my family and the puppy sit in the living room.  I thought how terrible this idea was.  So I avoided Riley at all costs.  I sat on top of the kitchen table for three whole months for all of my meals because I was terrified of what the tiny puppy would do. 

Then at some point, all the fear slipped away.  I realized Riley wasn't so bad, and that nothing would happen to me if I hung out with him.  I am so happy I let go of my fears because he has now become my best friend.  He is the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever encountered.  He acts like a cat when he sits in weird places and sleeps all day.  

I can't imagine my life without Riley and dread the day I have to say goodbye to him.  Getting this dog was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am so happy he is in my life.  


  1. Awhhh, happy birthday to Riley! Your dog is adorable :)

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  2. Oh my goodness he's so cute!! Happy Birthday Riley!



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