February 18, 2015

10 Things on My Wishlist

As spring break fast approaches, I've been eyeing a few things I would love to bring along with me on my trip.  Bright colors and fun prints make me so excited that the winter is coming to an end, even though Texas winter is nothing like the winters I am used to.  We have had some cold days in the 30s (not even that cold) and very warm days in the 80s!! I feel so silly complaining when the weather is cold here while my friends and family back home are sitting in -5 degrees! But when you're used to warmer weather, the 30 degrees feels pretty freaking cold!

Do I like pink?

Zinke Starboard One Piece
Fun one pieces are so popular now and I love that this one has the detachable peplum! I'm a huge fan of zinke- they have some really fun suits, and this one is definitely high up on my Wishlist!

OndadeMar Bengal Embroidered Cover Up
I added this cover up to my likes on Shop Bop a few weeks ago and then I saw it on Gal Meets Glam and new I had to have it!! I'm still a little weary on the price tag, and weather or not I need another cover up, so it's still sitting in my likes section for now! I just love how bright and fun it is.

Kendra Scott Kelsie Necklace
I'm a sucker for simple long necklaces, and I really love this Kendra Scott one in Magenta! I realized I don't have any pink necklaces like these, and since pink is my favorite color I haven't been able to keep my eye off of it!

Swoozie's Monogram Tervis Tumbler
I've always loved the look of a simple monogram in a tervis tumbler.  This swoozies one is so perfect! However, I don't know how much I'd use it here at school because I hardly ever drink out of cups as I do not have a dishwasher so washing them is quite difficult!

Loves Affect Shelly Necklace 
I've gushed over my favorite Loves Affect tassel bracelets a few times, and I've been lusting over this tassel necklace! It's so beautiful and perfect to throw on to instantly spice up an outfit!

J.Crew Floppy Hat
J.Crew makes this gorgeous navy floppy hat and I love it! I've been looking for a floppy hat for a while and seriously regretting not purchasing the one I tried on in urban outfitters this past summer! This one is great because it's simple and I love the fact that it's navy because anyone can tell I'm not a big fan of black!

Design Darling Pink Picture Frame
This picture frame is just the cutest!! I love the pattern.  I'm a sucker for photos (everyone knows I'm the one who makes everyone take a picture) and I also love displaying them.  I have pictures taped all over my walls with gold tape but would love to add a picture frame to the hutch above my desk!

Show Me Your Mumu Portabella Dress
Now, whenever I'm shopping I can't help but think of what I'll be wearing when I study abroad in Italy this summer.  I love this dress and think it would be great for exploring Italy.  I'm not a huge shorts person and I definitely gravitate towards dresses in the warmer months, and I love how casual and chic this dress is!

Nike Air Pegasus 31 Running Shoes
I've been eyeing these cute pink nikes for some time now.  I have a pair of grey nikes that I've used for years but I feel like bright colored nikes are so in now! These are so adorable.

Moon and Lola Mini Monogram Necklace
I love the look of a mini monogram necklace layered with other things.  I have a few monogram necklaces that are normal sized but sometimes I feel like I want something more mature looking and simple, while still wearing my monogram.

What's on your wishlist?

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  1. I'm happy that you're studying abroad, but when shopping for Italy you should keep in mind the cultural differences. If you plan on visiting churches (where much of the famous art is located) you need longer skirts/shorts and to have your shoulders covered, otherwise they won't let you in. Just so you know!



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