February 17, 2015

How I Edit My Instagrams + Favorite Photo Apps

I've gotten a lot of questions over on Tumblr recently asking if I would share how I edit my instagram pictures.  Since I usually don't use just one filter, or even a filter at all, it was a little difficult to answer in the question, so instead I'm blogging about it today!

Recently I've been just adjusting some of the qualities instead of using a filter! Here's how:

First I'll open up Afterlight.  Then I like to start editing by adjusting the brightness.  Almost always I'll make the picture waaaay brighter.  

Then I like to add some contrast, which I feel like adds some depth to the photo.  It looks less white-washed now.

 Then I'll bump up the exposure a tiiinnny bit.

 And for this picture that's all I'll do! I'm happy with the way it looks so I'll crop it into a square and upload it to Instagram!

Some other apps I like using:

VSCOcam Perfect for some pictures, but not all.  I love the way the filters look because they add a professional quality, however they aren't as bright as I'd like so I usually save this app for pictures that don't end up on my instagram.  

FaceTune Yes, this is the "photoshop" app, but I promise that's not why I like it! This app is great for photoshopping out some things in the background that are an eyesore or blending weird shadows! I don't use this app often but it's great to have just in case!

Papelook This app is great for collaging.  I hate the typical pic stitch collages so if I have to put a few photos together I use this because it's more creative and like an actual collage because I can tilt the photos at different angles and even have them overlap if I want! 


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  2. Thanks for the info! I've been looking at different apps for photo editing and now I feel like I actually know what I need.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I definitely love afterlight, its one of my favorites as well.


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