February 19, 2015

Ready for The Beach

Spring break is coming up sooner than I can believe! Just two weeks before I leave my dorm behind for a week and trade in the cold (okay, let's be real, Texas isn't that cold) weather for the Florida sun.  I am so excited to get back to the beach and have started to already gather some things to pack away in my beach bag!

I always make sure I have a hat on me while at the beach (vineyard vines baseball hats are my go-to).  After a long day in the sun, my face usually gets a little sensitive, so having a hat near by is so nice.  I can get my face out of the sun while still enjoying the day.  You'll also find my cover up in my bag (my favorites are from roberta roller rabbit)!  Cover ups are great to throw on while traveling to and from the beach and for when you want to take a stroll along the shoreline.

I always sneak in some form of entertainment that won't be ruined by a little water or sand.  A book is perfect for that (right now I'm reading Still Alice).  Floating at the bottom of my bag is most likely my headphones and sunglasses (How cute are these Ilestevas? I've been seeing them everywhere recently).

What's in your beach bag?

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  1. Wishing I was at the beach right now too:( I just watched Still Alice and it was so good...super sad but extremely touching. I hope you're loving the book!

  2. Lovely photo. Where I am, it's getting a little colder everyday! xx



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