January 27, 2015

Travel Photo Books

In high school I had two incredible opportunities to study abroad for a week in both Iceland and Paris.  I never would've imagined being able to go visit such amazing places with classmates, friends, and teachers.  I've learned so many incredible things while traveling to both of these places and I want to cherish the memories and photos forever.

I've seen Artifact Uprising while scrolling through the explore page of my instagram for a while now.  (Mainly of people making 2014 books comprised of their instagrams for 2014! so cute!).  I decided that these books would be perfect for my photos from my trips.

Making them is super easy and there's plenty of different choices.  You can either make one using their website of their app if you're uploading pictures from your phone.  They can even take pictures straight from your instagram if that's what you want! There's different page layouts and designs but I kept it simple with the same layout on each page.

I love how they turned out and will definitely use the company to make books of future trips.  I'm so excited to make one after my trip to Italy this summer (I'm studying abroad for 5 weeks!).


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  2. I love this, Emma! What a cute way to display trip photos.
    Isabella | www.yepitsprep.com

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