January 26, 2015

Desk Inspiration

Ever since I got this hutch for my desk (it was a game changer!) I've been obsessed with making my desk look pretty.  Where else to get some inspo from than pinterest? I'm so jealous of everyone's pretty desks and I feel like someone's desk says a lot about them.  You can really let your personality shine at your desk.

 I love the garland in between two book shelves!


A cute way to display favorite photos!



Pinterest is also home to endless DIYs to spice up your desk! (or just endless DIYS in general!)

*the cutest dry erase frame for quick notes.  

*54 ways to make your cubicle suck less

*diy extension outlet

*cork board makeover

Look out for pictures of my desk coming to the blog soon!

1 comment:

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