January 29, 2015

Travel OOTD {Collab}

Today I am so excited to share that I've teamed up with the lovely Abby from Belleoftheball45 to share our favorite travel outfits! I've been on too many planes in the past month between flying home and back to school and for my trip to Florida over winter break.  Then last weekend I took a road trip with my friends to San Antonio.

I've learned the key to traveling outfits is comfort and functionality.  I always try to keep in mind that I'll need to take off my shoes while going through security, so I try to keep my footwear to something simple.  I also try to keep jewelry to a minimum to avoid setting off the metal detectors.

I love this outfit because it looks so much more put together than it really is! Everyone thinks that this sweater is two pieces and are surprised to learn that the "shirt" sticking out underneath is actually attached, and so easy to throw on.  Pixie pants are my go-to ever since sophomore year of high school.  We couldn't wear leggings so pixie pants were the next best thing (basically fancy leggings).  

Be sure to check out Abby's post over on Belleoftheball45!


  1. So cute! Love the duffel bag. Both your outfits are adorable!


  2. I LOVE that top Emma!! I think I need it in my closet :) Such a cute look.

    Lauren | boston belle

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  3. Wow! You look stunning on your travel outfit, Emma. I love your top, and your necklace really matches with it. You are truly fashionable in everything you do. Thanks for sharing your travel OOTD with us! Stay gorgeous!

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale

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