January 30, 2015

Friday Finds

Yay friday! Has this week been the longest ever or is it just me? I'm so happy the weekend is here because I am so behind on sleep that I can't wait to curl up in bed and take a nap!

Louis Cole (funforlouis) 

I swear this guy not only has the best life every but also the happiest.   I always turn to youtube when I'm bored and have found myself turning to his vlogs often but it wasn't until recently that I decided to subscribe.  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.  He literally hops from place to place experiencing INCREDIBLE things all the time and he is just so happy while doing it.  Just a few days ago in one of the vlogs he lost his laptop while hitchhiking in South Africa but still remained positive that he would find it (which he did).  It's impossible to watch his videos and not feel happy.

Budweiser Superbowl Ad 2015

I watched this video only because I have been seeing it everywhere and didn't think very much of it.  BUT IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER.  I love it.

Texas Weather

From my last few months living in Texas, I've been able to realize that the weather here is so weird, especially in the "winter".  Before I left for winter break, it was steadily in the 40s, which really wasn't too bad.  But ever since I've been back it's been in the upper 50s and 60s and then earlier this week ventured into the 80s!!! What even!!! Late January and I would be ready to jump in a pool! I can't get over how much snow the north east got earlier this week while I was strolling in a sundress an sandals!

Enjoy the weekend!

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