February 13, 2019

Green Floral Dress

Oh my god!! How long has it been since I posted an outfit post? Feels like forever (and it might have been forever...). I'm so excited to share this cute floral dress that's just about perfect for winter.

I originally bought this dress around Thanksgiving but I haven't broken it out of my closet until now. I would probably pop a bigger jacket on over this outfit since it is a liiiiittle too cold to be just wearing this. 

The waist around this dress is elastic, which makes it very comfortable. I've paired it will pretty much all of my most worn and go-to closet items: over the knee boots, leather jacket, small gold hoops.

I thought I lost one of these hoops a few weeks ago and immediately ordered another pair. I ended up finding my original earring, but I am so glad I have a back up of these because I love them so much! They are the perfect everyday hoop.

I've started bringing this bag just about everywhere I go. It's the absolute perfect size for me. I can easily fit my small wallet and phone if I need to. It even fits a disposable camera perfectly which is one of my favorite things to have with me when I go out. There's nothing better than getting a disposable camera developed after forgetting what the film captured, it's so fun!

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