August 23, 2017

What the Clutch!?

Clutches can be a great way to make an outfit stand out. One of my favorite ways to wear my statement clutches are with simple, single toned outfit. For example, a lot of these clutches would look great against an all white, or all black, outfit. Did you catch this all white outfit from a few weeks ago? This clutch would look great paired with the simple white look.

A big deciding factor when considering purchasing a specific clutch is how much I can hold in it.  As phones are getting bigger and bigger it’s getting harder to fit everything you need in the small handbags. I know I’ll have to scale back on the number of items I can bring with me in a clutch, so usually set of goal of being able to fit my phone, a few cards (like my driver’s license and credit card) and maybe a lipstick or mascara.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely agree with pairing a statement clutch with a monochrome outfit! These are all great choices.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal



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