August 24, 2017

Pink Wrap Skirt

Top / Skirt / Shoes / Jacket / Sunglasses / Cable Bracelet / White Bracelet 

I'm back in Dallas to start my senior year! I love being here because there are so many great areas to take pictures for the blog! Bear with me over the next few weeks because I still have a few posts from taken at home going up, but I couldn't help but share this outfit first! How cute is this pink wrap skirt? 

I was surprised that this skirt is a true wrap style. For some reason I was expecting it to be sewn together at some point, but it completely unwraps, which is nice because you can adjust it to perfectly fit your body.  This was a great casual outfit to wear while running errands during move in weekend.  I shot these pictures after brunch at Dolce Riviera with my family before they left town. 



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