August 23, 2016

Nantucket Strolling

One of my favorite tops to wear during the summer (if you couldn’t tell by some of my recent outfits) is the Lilly Pulitzer Elsa blouse! I love the fit and the fact that it comes in a ton of different colors. This print immediately caught my eye because it’s my favorite shade of blue.  

They’re so easy to wear with white jeans and perfect for summer dinners with nights that are a little bit colder than the daytime.  I even wear my elsa tops during the winter when my closet needs some variety other than the typical winter toned darks.  


  1. I love this top especially with the white jeans!! I've been so tempted to buy an Elsa top they look so comfortable and obviously so cute!

    Ashley //

  2. OMG that blouse is so cute. I know you said it comes in a bunch of other colors so I dunno how you didn't buy it in all of em. Great outfit!

    Danielle | <3

  3. You are so stunning and those sunglasses are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Love the entire look. Gorgeous print!



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