July 18, 2016

Pink Ruffles

Dress / Wedges (old Tory Burch)  / Necklace 
Today’s post is pretty exciting for more than a few reasons! You might be able to tell that the blog got a minor face lift of the weekend.  I was never a fan of the pink and black theme I had going on, and honestly I never intended for it to happen! After playing around with a few things I came up with this theme and I love it! My favorite colors are light blue and navy blue so this is definitely more reflective of my personality!

Second exciting thing is that I got a new camera over the weekend! I knew that the purchase was coming up, but I finally decided to bite the bullet on Saturday.  My old camera, a canon T3i, was actually cracked in the display screen so I could only see half of what I was shooting.  I ended up deciding to purchase a Canon 6D, which was definitely a big upgrade.  I’ve paired it with my 50mm 1.4f lens that I’ve been using for a few years, and I’m really impressed with how my first pictures have turned out.  One of the things I’m a little bummed about is that I can’t take my own outfit pictures anymore because 1) there’s no flip out screen and 2) it focuses so fast that I don’t have time to get my hand (with the remote) out of the frame! I’ve been taking my outfit pictures with a tripod for about a year and I loved the flexibility that came with that, but I guess for better quality pictures having someone else take my photos isn’t a horrible trade off.  

Third exciting thing! I have a really big announcement coming on Friday! Seriously you guys don’t want to miss it.  I’m going to be posting a (sort of) teaser on Instagram: @dashofserendipity, later today and I’ll probably post more sneak peaks over on Snapchat: @dashofsnaps (I’ve been trying to use mine a lot lately!).  I’ll post more information in this week’s blog posts too, but plan on checking the blog at 8am EST Friday! 

Now for the actual post! This has already gotten so long.  I love this dress from Amanda Uprichard becauses it’s so fun and perfect for summer.  I always turn to Amanda Uprichard for a good hot pink piece.  I feel like this color can look so great, especially in the summer with a nice tan.  The color alone is just so fun and I love the ruffle at the bottom of the dress! I decided to keep things simple, but still add a little color with a Beaded by W necklace.  This one has a few different colored tassels so it matches a lot of different outfits.   


  1. SO CUTE!! I adore this dress and how you styled it!! Love the new theme as well!!

    xoxo Veronica

  2. Loving the new theme and I can't wait to see your new project! Love this dress on you, it looks beautiful!

    Rachel / www.seashellsandsparkles.com



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