July 19, 2016

Beauty Favorites

I’ve done blog posts about my favorite beauty products in the past, but as I find new products and try out new things, I add new things to my favorites list! If you’ve read my other beauty posts on the blog these may sound familiar, but take it as they’re a true holy grail favorite.  

Nars Laguna Bronzer: This has been the only bronzer I’ve used for at least 6 years, or maybe even longer.  It’s just a great bronzer for any time of year because it’s mostly mat with the smallest (almost nonexistent) bit of sparkle.  It adds a nice glow when you’re feeling a little pale.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: I saw a few people talking about this online a few weeks ago and I decided to try it out and I love it!! It’s basically a cream that is really rich in caffeine so it tightens your skin a little bit and reduces the appearance of cellulite.  I guess I’ve seen a difference when I’ve put it on (honestly I’m not too sure), but I love the way it smells and it’s really moisturizing! 

Fresh Lip Balm: These lip balms are seriously the best.  They’re more expensive than your typical drug store lip balm, but they’re seriously the most moisturizing! A few years ago they were part of Sephora’s gift that you get during the month of your Birthday, which was how I first tried them.  I used to have annoyingly chapped lips when I was in New Jersey for the winters and this was the only thing that could really make them better. 

Beauty Blender: I know you’ve probably heard of this one talked about everywhere, but it’s the best.  I love that when I use a beauty blender to put on my makeup the foundation goes on so smoothly and because the beauty blender is wet the makeup goes on with a little bit of a dewey finish, which I love.  (Also, don't worry mine isn't pink like the one linked! It started as tan! It's not that dirty!)

3 More days until the big announcement! I told ya’ll yesterday that I would be sharing something special on Friday and currently I’ve only posted sneak peaks on my Instagram (@dashfoserendipity) and Snapchat (@dashofsnaps), but I’m going to give ya’ll a small clue on here too for now: it has to do with art! That’s all I’ll tell for now! Check back throughout the week for more clues and on Friday for the big announcement!

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