October 28, 2015

My Hair Routine

I have to admit, I am been pretty lucky when it comes to hair.  I never appreciated my hair until recently.  My hair is naturally straight, holds a curl well, and is a nice color (in my opinion).  Most days I let my hair air dry and I'm out the door.  I don't have to spend hours on my hair each day, and for that I am so thankful.  I used to be so envious of girls with curly or wavy hair that I didn't consider how lucky I was to actually have straight hair.

Now, I didn't write this post to brag about my hair.  I'm writing this because I get so many comments/questions about things I use in my hair on a day to day basis.  I really think everyone can come to love their hair if they figure out how to style and manage it correctly.  So, what I do and use for my hair might not be the best for yours.  I'd recommend trying different products and techniques out to arrive at a hair routine that's best for you!

After I get out of the shower I always put in my It's a 10 Leave in Product. This is a miracle for me because my hair is straight and I can't use a ton of products or it'll look greasy.  I swear by this stuff and have been using it religiously for four or five years now.  Occasionally I'll apply Bumble and Bumble Quenching Complex to my ends if my hair looks at all dry.

If my hairs straight, I haven't used a tool on it so I can't be much help in the straightening iron department.  However, I do blow dry my hair every once in awhile and I love my Jose Eber blow dryer.  It's powerful and quick and gets the job done.  For curls, I've been using a Conair 1 inch curling iron for the longest time.  I love this iron because it's versatile but the perfect size to always give my hair a great looking curl.  Anything bigger than 1 inch never stays with my hair, I don't know why.  I like to use this iron a few different ways: almost like a wand (wrapping the hair around the barrel) and like a traditional curling iron.  Another favorite of mine is the Jose Eber curling wand!

What products/tools have taught you to love your hair? I'd love to know!



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