January 12, 2015

Shopping + Tea in NYC

On Friday I made my last trip into the city before heading back to school (sad face).  I was hard core stressing last week because I still didn't have anything to wear for rush, which starts this thursday!! After searching every department store near me I decided that taking a trip into the city wouldn't be a bad idea.  Since I felt like I had sorted through most of the dresses available in stores now (what an understatement, but it felt like it) I decided that I wanted to try out rent the runway.  I love the concept but I really feel like I can't commit to a dress unless I've tried it on.  Luckily, RTR has a store in nyc!

Feeling hopeful about the day I set out into the city on one of the coldest days.  As we walked to the RTR store, a little early for our appointment, I spotted The City Bakery right across the street, a bakery I've been dying to go to after seeing their hot chocolate all over instagram.  Of course I had to stop in.  The bakery itself is really cool and spacious, a rarity in nyc.  I ordered my hot chocolate with the homemade marshmallow of course and a pretzel croissant too, since I didn't have lunch.  I took a few snaps of my choices (of course) and then began to enjoy.  The hot chocolate was super sweet and thick, unlike any hot chocolate I've ever had before, but after three or four sips it became too sweet which was kind of a disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment, the Rent the Runway store was just that.  I described my occasion to my "stylist", but she brought things for me to try on that I would never wear (see: mother of the bride).  I know I said I wanted something conservative, but I am still only 18 years old!!! Feeling defeated after just 20 minutes in the store, we left and decided to check out Club Monaco around the corner.

First off, this Club Monaco is huuuuuuge.  I went in thinking I would just browse and we'd be out in a few minutes, but boy was I wrong.  First thing I saw was this (can't find a link online) pom pom hat and thought "hey let me try this on because it'll look ridiculous on me", but when I tried it on I actually though "hey I kind of like this".  I was surprised in how many things I took to try on.  I was also seriously impressed by the sale selection (two whole rooms!!!).  I think I was in heaven.

Sadly (for my bank account), but happily for me, I liked almost everything I tried on (which was a lot).  I picked up a navy feather vest with the same ideology with the hat, and of course I liked it.  I've been searching high and low for a fur vest, but haven't been able to find the right one.  I also tried it on with my new favorite blouse that I also picked up to try on.  Instantly, upon putting this outfit on, I felt older.  My birthday is a week from Thursday (yay 19!) and I felt like this outfit really suited me for where I am in my life right now.

At some point in my dressing room I threw this outfit together.  My mom made me try on this jacket even though I thought I already had way too much to try on, and I'm really happy she did.  Everything about this outfit fit me really well and it was really comfortable too!! (that's most important, right?)  I realized that this outfit would be perfect for the second to last day of rush when I need to wear a dressy/casual outfit.  I wasn't considering wearing a skit but once I had this outfit on I knew it would be perfect.  It's a little bit over budget but considering my dress for the cocktail attire round is only $75 (score!) I figured I could spend a little more on this one, also I know I'm going to be wearing these pieces again a lot!

Half way through writing this I realize this may be the longest post. So if you want to grab some popcorn, maybe take a stretching break, feel free.  Will have a quick intermission before moving onto my favorite part of the day.... only joking but seriously, I don't think I've ever had so much to say about a post.

After finishing up at Club Monaco, we ran down to Columbus Circle to the Mandarin Oriental hotel where we had our tea reservations at the Lobby Lounge!  The reviews said that the views would be incredible, but they were more incredible than I could ever imagine.  Best of all, our table was sat right next to the window! My mom and I were mesmerized by the cars driving by and the view of central park! We both can't wait to go back in the spring when all the trees are in bloom!

Have you had any days recently where you just felt so happy? Tell me about it in a comment!

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