January 9, 2015

Friday Finds

Just a little less than a week until I'll be heading back to school.  It's a little bittersweet leaving again because I've gotten used to being at home.  I'm excited to get back to school but I don't know exactly when I'll be back home again.  I'll most likely be back for a quick visit over easter, and possibly over Spring Break if I don't go anywhere. Other than that, the only other time where I'd be coming home would be for Summer vacation! Which is crazy to think about because that feels so far away.

With next week comes the beginning of sorority recruitment! I'm really excited for it, and also a little bit nervous of course.  Because of this, I'm not sure how my posts will work.  I know that I'll be insanely busy Thursday through Sunday, and maybe even Monday.  I probably won't have posts up every single day over those days so I apologize about that! However, I'm going to try and draft some on the plane back to school so that I have some things hopefully ready to go for most of those days! You can also look forward to a post about my whole rush experience coming the week after next!

Now onto my finds for the week...

Living in the Moment

I found this iPhone wallpaper yesterday and immediately made it my phone's background.  It's a great reminder to forget about what's happened in the past, stop planning for the future, and instead live in the present.  It's so easy to get caught up in everything that's happened and going to happen, but it's important to remember that something's happening right now and thats worth paying attention to.

Crewcuts New Arrivals 
Forever depressed that I am not tiny enough to fit into crewcuts or have a small child that can (jokes I do not want a child, right now).  I just loove j.crew's childrens line to death.  Why can't they make some of these pieces for adults? I would totally wear them, and I know others would too! I mean, this dress and those shorts? and this jacket? Why do the young kids get the good stuff? Don't get me wrong, I obviously love J.Crew, but I love the crewcuts line too!

I stumbled upon these tassel bracelets from LovesAffect on etsy while searching for things to put on my birthday wishlist! (I turn 19 on the 22nd!!).  I absolutely love these bracelets, especially how easy they are to put on.  Just slip them over your wrist as you run out the door and you're good to go! Perfect for when you're running late for class and can't spend time accessorizing.

What are some things you've been lusting after recently? I'd love to hear! Comment down below!

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