January 15, 2018

Holiday Gifts I've Been Loving

I wanted to share a "What I got for Christmas" post here on the blog after binge watching so many youtube videos about the subject, but unfortunately never got around to writing up the post. Since it has been a little while, I thought I'd share the holiday gifts I've received that I have been loving or using most often. There are definitely some things I received so kindly from my friends and family that have already been so useful in my daily routine/life!

T3 Whirl Trio | You have probably seen someone talk about this curling wand trio before, but perhaps you're wondering if it lives up to the hype? Well, yes! It definitely does! I love this curling wand and it is so easy to travel with all three of these interchangeable wands!

White Monogram Carry-On | I have gone on a few short trips since receiving this carry-on and it has completely changed my traveling experience. The bag is the perfect size and although I was a little afraid that it would get dirty, so far it hasn't and is easy to clean.

Star Print Sweatshirt and Sweatpants | Oh my gosh y'all haven't lived until you have worn this set. It's so incredibly comfortable and feels a little more put together (aka maybe I can go on a starbucks run in it) compared to my usual unmatched oversized sorority sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Watermelon Glow Mask | I love this mask because it smells delicious and I think that it works really well! My skin feels healthier after I use it.


  1. The monogram carry-on is absolutely adorable!!! Thank you for sharing:)

    xo, Jordan

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  3. Beautiful gift ideas. I'm off to do some shopping!
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