August 16, 2017

School Supplies Haul

This may be the most boring post ever if you don't like shopping for school supplies, but for me it's always the highlight of my year! I get so excited when I start fresh with new pens and notebooks. As I've gotten older, I've certainly needed less supplies, but that doesn't mean it gets any less fun.  

Colored Felt Tip Pens | These are the world's best pens!! Seriously, I love them so much and the bright colors make them so much fun to take notes with! 

Quick Charger | I guess this is technically not school supplies related, but I bought this charger that charges your phone quicker than the average charger. I know off-brand chargers have a bad reputation, but this one is positively reviewed on Amazon and I can say the same! It's been able to charge my phone very fast and will be perfect when I get back to school and forget to charge my phone.

Pink Notebooks | Are you even a #millennial if you don't have a millennial pink notebook? Haha kidding of course, but I really loved these Moleskin pink notebooks (set of 2!) so I bought one for each of my classes this semester. 

All Purpose Labels | I bought these so I could label the notebooks from above, but chances are I'll end up labeling half the things I own! Oops! 

Clear Magazine Holder | To keep my desk organized, I bought this clear magazine holder. I thought it would be perfect for any notebooks or folders. 

White Notebook | I've been using this in place of an planner recently and I really love it.  I have never been a huge planner user, so I love that this notebook helps me stay organized. 

Gold Binder Clips | To mark important pages in my notebook I thought these would be perfect!

Black Felt Tip Pens | For when my note-taking needs to be a little more serious and I should leave the colored pens in my pencil case. 

Pink Pouch | I didn't necessarily buy this because it came with a glossier order I made earlier this summer, but I will be using this to keep all of my pens this year! 

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