August 21, 2017

Back to College Necessities

Today is my last first day of school! Can you believe it?  I feel like the summer went by so quickly, I've hardly had time to realize that I am stepping into my senior year. I do have to admit I love back to school shopping, and will definitely miss it after this year.  Getting new school supplies and accessories has always been exciting to me.

Water Bottle | I use my Camelback water bottle at school so often. If I have it in my bag with me while I'm going to classes, I know I'll stop at a few water fountains throughout the day to fill it up.

Madeline & Co Backpack | I'm swooning over how adorable all of the backpacks from Madeline and Company are! I love the fact that Madeline started this company a few years ago when she was just in high school. Her backpacks are so well made and so much cuter than anything I've ever used in the past.  I can't wait to use my Navy leather backpack this year.  Madeline has been so kind and shared a discount code for y'all to use on her bags! Just enter DASHOFSERENDIPITY at checkout for

Cosmetics Case | I am admittedly cosmetics case obsessed. My favorite are from Glossier (they come free with every order) but you can also purchase a set of 3 directly from their website. They're pink bubble wrap cases that are so perfect for just about everything.

Monogram Laundry Bag | Now that I'm back in a dorm-style living situation (I'm living in my sorority house) this year, I will definitely be utilizing a laundry bag. I found this cute monogram one on Etsy that I'm excited to get in the mail!

Notebooks | I have absolutely loved carrying these notebooks around with me lately. I accidentally bought the pocket-sized one originally but have been carrying that around in my bag to jot down notes throughout the day. I've also been using the Medium size as a planner for my day-to-day to do lists.  Fun fact: I don't actually use a planner, but having the freedom to jot anything down in a notebook has helped me stay more organized!

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