May 15, 2017

Tips For Making It Through a Busy Week

Last week was such a busy week in my classes. As it gets closer to the end of the year my classes definitely start to pick up and I find myself spending late nights in the library.  When I have more than one or two tests in a week, it can be difficult to keep my energy up and motivate myself for everything else I have going on.  I wanted to share some of my tips for making it through those weeks where it just seems like there’s too much going on. 

Plan ahead. It is so important not to take your week day-by-day especially when you’re busy.  Thinking about what you have coming up makes it easier to allocate your time more efficiently.  For example, I know that Wednesdays are my absolute busiest days and I don’t get out of classes or meetings until at least 5:30.  So, I have to plan accordingly and make sure I get a lot of my work done on Monday or Tuesday so that I’m not overloaded on Wednesday. 

Study with friends. Whenever I go to the library I usually try to recruit a friend or two to come along with me.  While not everyone needs to be studying at the same time, having a friend there with you makes it a little more fun and you don’t feel like your missing out on as much with your friends who aren’t studying.  Having friends in the library with you is also great for when you decide you need to go on a coffee run or want to grab a snack!

Treat yourself to coffee. While I normally try not to drink a lot of coffee during a normal week, when I’m studying I let myself indulge in something a little sweet that will also keep me awake.  The new Coconut Creme Pie iced coffee flavor at Dunkin’ Donuts is so delicious and the perfect studying treat! I haven’t tried their new Butter Pecan flavor but I think that’s what I’ll have to go for next.  After I have an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts I’m ready to spend a few hours focusing on school work! 

This post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Dash of Serendipity possible!

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