March 28, 2017

Planning the Perfect Graduation Party

I can't believe that it's already been about three years since I graduated from high school.  I was so excited to graduate and even more excited to host my graduation brunch.  I've always loved organizing get togethers with my friends, so getting the chance to plan a party like this was such a treat! I know a lot of you reading this will be graduating soon, and even if you're not, these are great tips for planning any party!

Choose a color scheme! 
For my graduation party I went with a pink and green theme, which was bright and inviting for the beginning of summer.  I would suggest not going too specific with the shades you choose because it will be harder to find items available in stores in the shade you'd like.  Some of my favorite color combinations for a party like this are pink and navy, light blue and white or orange and yellow!

Consider the details! 
What can take a party from average to amazing are the small details.  At my graduation party I gave each of my friends a little party favor that I made at each of their seats. I put cute M&Ms in mini mason jars that had the mascot of their future college on them.  This served as a place setting and a thoughtful gift! Also at each of their seats was a little canvas I made for them that had the state they would be going to school in on it!

Select the perfect invitations! 
Your invitations set the tone for the rest of the party because they can give your guests a sneak peek as to what they can expect at the actual event! Below I've linked my favorite party invitations from Minted! All of these can be completely customized and you can even add your own photo to them.


  1. I love your tips. I'm always amazed at the beautiful color schemes that are at parties.

  2. Pretty helpful information on planning a graduation party. Few months ago, I arranged my cousin’s graduation party at one of graceful New York venues. Invited all his friends for this party and he was quite happy for this event.



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