January 13, 2017

Week 2/52

Going into the new year, I wanted to change up what I normally did for my Friday posts.  I've been keeping up with the "Friday finds" series for a few years and started to get tired of it, which is why my blog was quiet on a lot of Friday mornings recently.  While brainstorming what else I could bring to the blog on a Friday, I thought of sharing a weekly recap each week.  Looking back over my weeks for these posts will allow me to sit down and reflecting on what's happening while also inviting y'all to see a more personal side of me.

Unfortunately, getting a post for week 1 proved difficult because I was on vacation in the Bahamas where the wifi was just awful.  I really wasn't anticipating such bad wifi, so we'll have to get started with a post for week 2!

This was my last week at home before heading back to school for the semester.  I can't believe how quickly this break has gone and how used to having no obligations I've gotten, well at least not as many as I have while I'm at school.

On Tuesday I decided to make a trip to Woodbury Common Outlets, about an hour from my house.  One of my friends told me that there is a CLUB MONACO OUTLET a few weeks ago, yep a Club Monaco outlet!! I couldn't believe it.  Club Monaco is one of my favorite stores, but it's so expensive.  When I heard about this outlet location I had to go check it out.  Plus, Woodbury Commons is the best outlet center.  If you are in the New York area I would highly suggest making a trip.  They have everything: Tory Burch, Vineyard Vines, Steve Madden, St Laurent, AG Jeans, Burberry, Stuart Weitzman, etc.

I was really impressed with the selection at the outlet.  It was small, but they had a lot of inventory.  I even found a sweater vest I was about to purchase online for $100 less than what it's currently priced at.  I also found the craziest cashmere sweater that's sort of shaped like a zip up sweatshirt.  It's super cute and I ended up paying around $100 for it, but I saw the original price on the tag and nearly fainted.  $695! For a simple, thin sweater.  Crazy!

On Wednesday my Mom and I made a trip into the city per my request so that I could spend the day in New York one more time before spending the next few months back in Dallas.  I really wanted to stop at the Glossier Showroom (open to the public!) because after receiving a few Glossier products for Christmas, I've become obsessed. The showroom was beautiful and I was happy to pick up a few things like the highly praised Boy Brow, Haloscope, and the new Priming Moisturizer Rich.  If you want me to do a review on the products I've tried, let me know!

I head back to school this afternoon.  While I am so excited to get back to my friends, I always get pretty nostalgic when I leave home. As I've gotten further into my college career leaving home after each break gets a little bit harder because I know I don't have many more breaks at home left.  In a little over a year, I embark on my journey into the real world, where I won't be able to take a break and sit at home for months at a time.

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