January 4, 2017

December 2016 Favorites

I didn't have to focus on school very much for the majority of December, which was so nice.  The extra time I had that would normally be devoted to school work allowed me to discover and fall in  love with new things.  I'm thinking of starting a favorites series (if I can remember each month...) I love watching favorites videos on YouTube because it offers a glimpse at what someone's life was like a little bit over that month.

Here are my favorites for December 2016!

J.Crew Vail Parka I bought this coat early in the month and I wore it almost every day! I was so happy I purchased it (it's only $100) because it's very warm and looks cute.  Many coats hide a cute outfit, but I felt like this coat just enhanced everything else I wore!

Glossier Pink Pouches I got a few Glossier products for Christmas and they came with two of these pink bubble wrap pouches.  No big deal, right? Just small little pouches.  Weirdly, these things have worked their way up onto this favorites list! I've been using my pouches for just about everything.  To travel with my Glossier products (no spills!) and to even store all of my polaroid pictures! Side note: I wanted to put the glossier products I got on this list, but I really haven't gotten enough time with them yet to tell if I really like them or not!).

Madewell Flannel Pajama Shorts I looove flannel pajama bottoms.  I have three pairs of Vineyard Vines' flannel pajama pants, which I'm guilty of wearing even in the dead of summer.  I am so happy I now have a pair of flannel shorts, which are just as comfortable as my pants, but are a little more comfortable for warmer nights.  Although it's December, I've been wearing these non-stop!

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