November 25, 2016

Best of Black Friday

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday! Mine was full of lots of great food, some ping pong tournaments, and maybe a mannequin challenge or two.  I've been looking forward to today not only for Black Friday but also because Gilmore Girls A Year in The Life comes out today on Netflix!!! Is anyone else watching? I'm so excited!

But I have been looking forward to Black Friday this year to get all of my holiday shopping done for my family and friends! You can't really go anywhere (in store or online!) and not find a sale.  It makes holiday shopping really fun because you can score great deals to either save money or get your loved ones something extra while staying on budget.  But, if you're not looking to get any gifts just yet, today is a great time to buy yourself something special too!

Here are my favorite deals from this year's sale selection!

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