November 29, 2016

6 Camera Bags

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You may be able to tell from so many of my outfits how much I love my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB bag.  It's the best for any occasion where I'm bringing my big DSLR camera along because it fits it perfectly with room to spare.  It's hard to find a small bag that's easy to bring around that can store my camera.  Back when I went to Italy two summers ago, I brought my big long champ tote around everywhere because it was one of the only things I had that could fit my camera.  I wish I had discovered these mini bags earlier because they are seriously the best!! 


  1. I'm shocked that these are camera bags, they're way too stylish! My cameranbag looks like a garbage bag compared to the ones you've selected —nice picks!

    1. Well technically they're not camera bags, but I've found from experience that these types of bags are perfect for bringing your camera around!



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