August 10, 2016

Overnight Bags For On The Go Gals

I have a weakness for duffle bags, that and cosmetics cases.  I think it’s because I love to travel.  So, whenever I find something to carry my belongings in I think of all the places I could travel with that bag.  

Have a little, cute duffle bag is essential if you’re a frequent traveler.  Not that I really go anywhere too exciting very often, having my Vineyard Vines duffle has been so great because I pack it up to head home on a long weekend, to the beach with friends, or on just any other weekend trip really! It also fits perfectly on an airplane, which is great. 

One of my biggest anxieties when it comes to flying is that my bag won’t end up fitting in the overhead compartment, but sure enough every time it does! So I guess I shouldn’t be worrying next time!

Weekender Bags

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