July 27, 2016

Sorority Recruitment Tips

Surprisingly, I think this might be my first post about sororities! For those of you who don’t know, I am a Tri Delta! I love being in a sorority and am so excited for all of you that will be rushing this year! Many of you will be heading to school very soon to rush in the fall, but if you go to a school like mine you have to wait until January! 

Enjoy it! My biggest tip would be to have fun.  This is so important.  If you’re too worried about doing the right thing or giving the right answer to a question you won’t be able to show the sororities what you’re really like.  Having fun, going with the flow, and being yourself are great things to remember during the process.  

Get lots of sleep! Getting to bed as early as you can the night before recruitment starts and during the actual week will help you stay relaxed and will overall just make you a happier, more friendly person to talk to.  Having conversations about yourself all day is actually pretty tiring and after a few rounds I’m sure you’ll start to feel it. 

Be yourself! This one is so important.  A lot of these sororities probably don’t know you personally, so this is a chance to get to know them while also letting them know what you’re like.   Don’t try to be anyone your not because in the long run I think you’ll end up regretting it.  When you end up in the house you’re supposed to be in it’s all worth it.  It doesn’t matter where your house might stand versus the other houses, it just matters that you are happy in your sorority. 

Go with your gut! Most recruitment guides and tips that I saw before I rushed all said things along the lines of you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, keep an open mind, etc.  And while yes, all of those things are true, I don’t think you should put yourself through something where you know you won’t be happy.  If you are left with a house at the end of it that you don’t think will work don’t force yourself to do it.  You can always rush a second time (at a lot of schools it’s common to take a few upperclassmen).  

I'll be doing an outfit guide for recruitment soon, so if you're rushing look forward to that within the next week probably! 

What sorority are ya'll in? (if you've already rushed)

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