July 21, 2016

9 Planners for 2017

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As back to school comes closer and closer many many start looking for a new planner.  Even though most planners that were purchased last year still have a few months in them (I know mine goes until December!), it seems like every year August/September is the season to shop for a new one.

Thank you to the person who requested to see this post on tumblr (if you ever have any requests, that's the best place to send them in!). A lot of these planners are just darling, but I especially love the blue tie dye one from May designs!

Which planner is your favorite?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the big announcement that I’ve been teasing all week! Hopefully you’re not sick of it yet and are just as excited as I am to find out what I’ve been working on! Last clue: if you love shopping online and art (as said earlier) you’ll be extra happy with this announcement! 


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