May 23, 2016

Sunshine Yellow

Top / Jeans / Shoes / Clear Bracelet / Gold Twist Bracelet (similar) / Bag / Sunglasses

This top had caught my eye the minute I first saw it while browsing through J.Crews new arrivals online a few weeks ago.  Not only is it yellow, one of my favorite colors to wear, but it's also an off the shoulder at top.  I have actually made a point to stop trying on off the shoulder tops and dresses after purchasing this one because I really don't need anymore.  

I was impressed by how nice this top really is.  It's made of a material similar to what a lot of J.Crew's button downs are made of, so it holds its shape well without being too wrinkly.  I'm so happy J.Crew decided to take on the off the shoulder trend and even happier they did it in yellow.  Yellow is a hard color to come by while shopping because not everyone loves how it looks on them.  But, I really love the color yellow.  

As I was leaving the mall the other day, I decided to browse through Bloomingdale's sunglass selection. I should've known this would be a dangerous move... but I found some Le Specs sunglasses and was excited because this was the first time I had seen some on display in person! I love Le Specs because the brand sells a lot of great trendy sunglasses at really high quality, but with a great price tag! These Neo Noir sunglasses were only $59, but remind me of a pair from Karen Walker (usually over $200).  

I did a little haul after a left the mall on my snapchat (@dashofsnaps) so head over there if you want to see more behind the scenes (ooh la la!) of what I'm up to this summer/behind the blog posts! I'm trying to get more into it and would love to see you there! 


  1. Such a fun pop of color!
    xo, Syd

  2. LOVE everything about this outfit! Yellow looks great on you!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Yellow really does look great on you, and I love your sunnies!


  4. This outfit is sooooo adorable!!! I love the pop of yellow!


  5. Love your top! Lovely color!



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